the five items you need in your makeup bag this fall

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It feels like forever since I’ve done a proper beauty post! That’s probably because I’ve moved on from trying all sorts of different things to settling into a pretty solid routine and thus, I don’t have a ton of new things to review in this realm. For the most part, I’m now using 100% clean beauty brands from skincare and makeup to bath and body.

I actually get a lot of satisfaction out of curating a streamlined beauty routine of really great, effective products even more than my days of trying new products every month. There’s something about curation that really becomes appealing when you begin to minimize. I see it in my wardrobe too. I get much more excited to buy one great new piece every few months than buying several less exciting things more often.

Here’s five products from clean brands that you should definitely add to your makeup bag for the upcoming fall season:

This has been my go-to product for just under a year now and one tiny pot has lasted me so long that I’m only now due for a new one. It’s super clean, formulated with coconut oil (which can be comedogenic but this has never broken me out) , castor seed oil, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil. Most days, this is all I use on my face, it’s that good.

Here’s a gorgeous lip product that adds color without stripping your lips of moisture, but instead adding it back with hydrating ingredients like castor seed oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and other oils. The color I love particularly for fall is their nude pink, Nobody’s Baby. It looks beautiful on all shades of skin and has a warm, understated feel.

This is another product I’ve been using for about a year now and it’s so nice, plus it’s perfect for fall because it smells like pumpkin pie since it’s formulated with pumpkin and apricot seed powder. It’s one part mask, one part exfoliant, so you massage it into your face for 60 seconds and then leave it on your face for 10 minutes. The formula is full of fruit enzymes and vitamins for brightening, beta carotene for cell turnover, and the gently exfoliating apricot seed powder.

This new-to-me brand has the most beautiful packaging and ingredients in their Plum Beauty Oil, a multipurpose anti-aging and restorative formula. That is, if you can even call it a formula. The sole ingredient is plum seed oil, which contains omega fatty acids, polyphenols, and vitamins A and E. You can apply this directly to your skin, mix with a cream moisturizer, mix with your foundation, and even use it on the ends of your hair.

I love a multi-use product and this one from vegan, clean brand W3LL PEOPLE can be used on the cheeks, eyes, or lips. It’s formulated with aloe and antioxidants, so it’s working for your skin not against it when you wear it. In my eyes, that’s what all makeup should do.

how to find your signature scent


As Proust would tell us, scent is a powerful sensation that has the ability to transport us and to evoke deep memories. It also says a lot about your personality. Buying a $200 Tom Ford perfume says something very different than using a $10 Egyptian musk rollerball from the natural food store. Your perfume style might be different than your fashion style too, which is when things get interesting. Here’s a few ways to start developing your signature scent.

look to your scent preferences
This is the most obvious point of consideration, of course, because your visceral reaction to the scent is the most important thing. What kind of scents make you just want to keep smelling them forever and ever? For me, I’m drawn to things like vanilla, amber, pink peppercorn, and hinoki.

rotate seasonal scents
The smells that are fitting for summer aren’t as appropriate for winter, so it’s nice to have two different scents. I like doing one for spring/summer and then another for fall/winter. For the spring/summer months, look for scents that are fresh, clean, and bright with notes such as lime, grapefruit, yuzu, magnolia, freesia, sea salt, berries, and green grass. For fall/winter, look for scents that are warm, dark, and spicy with notes like cedar, vanilla, amber, vetiver, pomegranate, cassis, and rose.

consider your personality + moods
Like I said before, your scent can really say a lot about your personality, so take that into consideration when figuring out which will be your signature. Below, I’ve included some perfumes I find fitting of four different archetypes: cool girl vibes (think Paris and New York girls), bohemian earth queen, bubbly personality, and old Hollywood glamour. This doesn’t necessarily have to match your personal style when it comes to clothes. In fact, mixing it up is what makes things interesting. My personal style leans more classic, old Hollywood with a little bit of cool girl vibe, but I prefer the cool girl vibe scent profile. Mixing the two together makes for a vibe that’s all my own.

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cool girl vibes
warm, androgynous
summer- Byredo Bal D’Afrique, Fleur de Peau
winter- Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club, Le Labo Tonka 25

bohemian earth queen
earthy, natural, woodsy
summer- Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk, Byredo Gypsy Water
winter- Byredo Eleventh Hour, Le Labo Oud 27

the bubbly personality
summer - Calvin Klein CK One, Byredo Sundazed
winter - Ouai Rue St. Honoré, Tom Ford Lost Cherry

old hollywood glamour
summer - Glossier You, Maison Margiela Replica Lipstick On
winter - Chanel No. 5, Jo Malone White Moss & Snow Drop

how to create a glamorous getting ready routine


We all get ready at least once a day, maybe twice, so why not make it an event? When I’m getting ready to go out, especially if it’s for the evening, I love turning up the glamour with a few easy tricks.

light a candle.
This step is non-negotiable, in my eyes. Set the mood with a really good candle to set your vibes for the night. For this scenario, I like scents that are warm or sort of powdery. The scent paired with the flickering light should get you in the perfect mood for either a night out or just your daily routine.

prepare a feel-good playlist.
You can’t deny the importance that music plays in setting a mood, so I’ve created a short little playlist that I like to listen to when getting ready. I also suggest the Hotel Costes playlist or any sort of ye-ye, French pop.

give yourself a facial massage.
When you’re doing your skincare, give yourself a facial massage for extra glowing skin. You don’t have to do anything fancy here, just spend some extra time massaging in your cleanser with your hands or a facial massage tool like a jade roller.

wear a lovely robe.
I love wearing my robe as I get ready as it’s a nice transition piece between pajamas and regular clothes and can feel so glamourous. Really, what is more glamorous than a silk kimono? Let me know.

have a glass of champagne or cup of tea.
Always have a nice drink on hand. If it’s morning, bring your cup of coffee, tea, or lemon water with you to your getting ready spot. Or if it’s evening, really amp up the glamour with a glass of champagne.

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the southern girl's gift guide

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Whether you’re a southern girl yourself or searching for a gift for one, this list has got you covered.

Books are always a good idea and two cute options are both from the staff at Garden & Gun. The Southerner’s Cookbook is a book of recipes and stories, from biscuits to more obscure regional specialities. The Southerner’s Handbook is filled with essays on topics from food to fashion to culture, all from G&G writers like Julia Reed and Roy Blount Jr.

A southern girl will always appreciate gifts for the kitchen. Gift her a jar of hot cinnamon peach preserves from Georgia brand Blackberry Patch or a cute magnolia-printed recipe box to store all of her old and new recipe cards.

Some practical, yet cute gift ideas are a set of gardening tools to be used in her kitchen garden or a cute pouch from Draper James. I love the What Would Dolly Do pouch and the Hello, Sugar option. A gift that will surely get a lot of use is a set of personalized notecards to be used for thank-you’s or just a quick hello. Serving both a practical and aesthetic purpose is a sweet Homesick candle with the scent of her home state.

In the fashion department, Cinq a Sept’s cute Bonjour, Y’all tee blends two favorite cultures. In the hot months (which is pretty much every month in the south), we need all the hats we can get. I recommend Southern Tide’s straw hat or this adorable, seersucker ball cap from Anna & Ava.

what's in my pool bag this summer

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One of my favorite little things in the world to do any time of year, but especially summer, is have a good pool day, switching between the lounge chair and the sparkling water. There’s just something about it that is so relaxing and can be equally as glamorous. I always think of Slim Aarons photos of socialites like Nelda Linsk and CZ Guest lounging poolside in Palm Springs and Palm Beach.

Whether you’re poolside at The Beverly Hills Hotel, Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat in France, at home in your own pool, or your neighborhood’s community pool, it’s so easy to elevate your experience to one fit for an Old Hollywood star. Here’s what I pack in my pool bag every time.

oversized white shirt //
There’s nothing more chic than wearing an oversized white button-down as a cover up at the pool or the beach, especially if it’s over a vintage-inspired swimsuit.

sandals //
While I love the look of the Hermes leather sandals, they’re not exactly practical so I’m recommending a pair of pool-friendly sandals in a neutral color.

chic towel //
Using a beautiful towel can really elevate the entire swimming experience. I like ones with neutral colors, patterns like stripes, and a little fringe. Zara Home often has really good ones, too.

sunglasses //
For both reasons of a medical and aesthetic nature, sunglasses are the number one pool day requirement if you ask me and an enormous, luxurious pair always fits the bill.

clear pouch //
To carry my skincare, makeup, keys, and so on, I like to use a clear pouch so that everything can be seen easily and organized in my bag.

straw hat //
A good sun protection measure to use is wearing a wide-brim, straw hat while you’re outside, plus it looks very glamourous.

swell bottle //
Staying hydrated is key on hot summer days and I can’t recommend anything more than the Swell bottle to help with that. They’re cute, easily to transport, and keep your drink cold for way longer than you’d ever imagine.

book //
What’s a pool day without good reading material? I like something that adds to the glamour of summer, perhaps something like “The Kennedy Heirs”, the new book about JFK Jr., Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and the rest of the children of the Kennedy dynasty.

spf lip balm //
In addition to traditional face and body sunscreen, a good SPF lip balm is necessary to keep your lips from getting burnt.

clean sunscreen //
Of course, the holy grail must not be forgotten and that’s a quality, non-toxic sunscreen to protect your skin. There are fortunately a lot of good brands out there these days, too!