six self-care posts for a refreshing weekend


I’m curious, what are you doing for yourself this weekend? A big facet of this month’s content theme is savoring all the senses as a way of being mindful. So, I dug up some self-care posts from the archive of my blog to share as inspiration for ways that you can get quiet and savor the senses this weekend:

five quick tricks to feel healthier now // Ever have those days or moments that you feel a little off health-wise? Here are five quick ways to get back on track.

the 2018 summer wellness guide // Get ready for the summer by creating a wellness plan for the season that will keep your mind, body, and soul engaged and healthy.

three quick ways to feel happier // Savoring your senses in one way to feel happier. Here’s three more!

how to create a bath sanctuary // This post is perfectly aligned with this month’s blog theme of focus and savoring the senses. Use these tips to create a relaxing sanctuary at home in your own bathroom.

planning the perfect staycation // Another great way to savor the season is to plan a staycation that allows you to really appreciate the space you call home.

spring cleaning your wellness routine // A new season is always a great time to set up a new wellness routine. Here’s one that’s inspired by the idea of spring cleaning.

coconut body latte // a DIY bath recipe

Happy Friday! I have a quick post today because I wanted to share a little DIY recipe I conjured up recently. It’s not necessary groundbreaking but the way it all worked together was just so relaxing and smelled amazing, so here we go:

I call it a “body latte” because while I was in this bath, it genuinely felt and smelled like I was soaking in a Starbucks latte. It’s super easy to make too! Just blend together ground coffee and solid coconut oil into a paste (no measurements needed, just make as much as you need). Fill up the bath (with bubbles if you’d like), wet your skin, then use the combined coffee and coconut as a scrub. What’s great about it is that it’s both exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time.

While you’re soaking in your latte, I recommend amping it up a little by adding a face mask. For this specific bath, I love using the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask because a) it’s an exfoliating mask so it serves the same purpose as the body scrub and b) it smells like pumpkin, so it kind of turns your bath into a pumpkin spice latte.

ten daily mantras for spring


For a little Wellness Wednesday post, I wanted to share some ideas for mantras to incorporate into your daily rituals this spring. You can, of course, use these mantras any time of year but I think they’re really nice for spring since it’s a time of renewal. I like to go through my mantras right when I’m waking up and doing my skincare in the morning and then I usually repeat one or two in my head throughout the day depending on which one resonates most. But, you can also write these down on notecards or Post-Its and hang them on your mirrors as a reminder!

Whatever your mantra routine, try these ten:

I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I am warmed by my own light.

I am warm and kind and vibrant.

I am aligned with my purpose.

I am doing my best today.

I am open to receiving all that I deserve.

I can and I will.

I am grounded and serene.

I am ready to make today a great day.

I am trusting that everything is unfolding in perfect timing.

13 products to bring spring into your beauty + wellness routine

Copy of Dapper (2).png

As soon as spring hits, I love incorporating all things floral and herbal into my beauty routine to celebrate the season. Aside from the beautiful smells, botanicals can be so good for your skin and are super refreshing after a long winter. Here are my thirteen picks to make you feel like a little rosebud! Side note, I thought of another product at the last minute and couldn’t post this list without sharing it. That’s Weleda’s Wild Rose body wash which will legitimately make your shower feel like a greenhouse.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Sexy Sienna | The perfect coral lipstick.

Tea Forte Green Mango Peach Tea | A sweet tropical blend topped off with peppermint and ginger.

Le Labo Rose 31 Perfume | A beautiful rose scent with woodsy cedar and amber.

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Facial Mist | Perfect for a mid-day refresh or to prep your skin before makeup.

Bybi Beauty Strawberry Oil Booster | Add this booster oil to your serums or creams for an extra glow.

Herbivore Orchid Facial Oil | A blend of florals and vitamins for moisture and skin protection.

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask | A multi-hyaluronic hydrating mask made with thirteen flower blends.

Tenoverten Watts 037 Nail Polish | Non-toxic nail polish in a punchy spring pink.

Tenoverten Liberty Nail Polish | Or a more subdued, feminine shade of mint.

Soap Cherie Herbal Bath Blend | A super luxurious soak with lavender, rose petals, chamomile, and more.

Capri Blue Volcano Candle | My go-to candle in the summer months because the scent is just too good.

Vitruvi Essential Oil in Grove | A blend of spruce and pine that smells like a rainy hike in the woods.

Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish | A soft body scrub with a scent that hints at rose and coconut.

three of my favorite fab 4 smoothies


You may have seen Kelly Leveque’s Fab 4 smoothies on Instagram because it seems like every influencer and celebrity out there is following her dietary guidelines these days! I recently jumped on the Fab 4 train after recently reading Kelly’s book Body Love, which promotes a diet that balances your blood sugar. While I don’t follow her guidelines religiously, I’ve at least adopted the smoothie portion into my daily meal plan and I can attest to the truth of her claim that drinking one of these for breakfast keeps me full past my usual lunch time! Here’s a little article from MindBodyGreen about Kelly’s philosophy.

The official formula is below but Kelly has tons of smoothies that vary on the formula. For instance, there are plenty of options with no fruit or no greens. I wanted to share with you guys three of my favorite smoothies that I’ve tried so far. I’ve been taking recipes straight from her book or website and adapting them if I don’t have every ingredient.

20g Protein + 10g Fiber + 1 tbsp Fat + Handful Greens + 1/4 Cup Fruits + Superfoods + Liquid

mint chip // This one is my favorite smoothie so far. Just blend together chocolate protein powder (protein), chia seeds (protein, fat, superfood), almond milk, ice, and mint leaves. So good and so refreshing!

chocolate coconut // This simple chocolate blend is chocolate protein (protein), coconut water (fat), almond milk, almond butter (fat), hemp hearts (superfood), spinach (greens), and ice cubes.

berry cacao // Surprisingly, the only fruit smoothie on this top three list! This one is a blend of chocolate protein (protein), raspberries (fruit), avocado (fat and greens), chia seeds (superfood), and almond milk.