five reasons to visit roman + williams guild


You guys, I finally got around to visiting the Roman and Williams Guild and it did not disappoint. In fact, I actually ended up going twice in one weekend because I had to take a friend to see how cute it was. First things first, Roman and Williams is an international design firm and they just opened their 'guild' space in SoHo. But, I promise, it's so much more than just an interior design space.

Here are five reasons to put it on your next New York weekend itinerary:

It's a home design store.
It's actually hard for me to describe the style of furniture and decor sold at Roman and Williams because it really is so unique. It's a bit moody with lots of great textures and luxurious materials. There are beautiful leather director chairs, seats carved from stone, smooth yet matte porcelain tableware, and so many gorgeous textiles. It's Parisian yet very New York, with subtle tropical touches in places and a somehow, a sense of comfort, too.

It's a flower shop.
Right at the entrance, you'll find a little alcove for Emily Thompson Flowers. The arrangements are perfect for the space---they're a bit messy, as if you happened upon them in some magical forest, with darker colors and a lot of greenery.

It's a French cafe.
If you stop by, you have to get a spot in the cafe! The decor is in keeping with the rest of the Roman and Williams aesthetic, but there's also a little tinge of Wes Anderson at the bakery. In the morning, have a pastry or tartine with your cappucino. In the late afternoon, sit for a glass of wine and traditional French comfort food like chicken with haricots vert and buckwheat crepes. 

It's incredibly photogenic.
Seriously, you will want to photograph everything in here. It's an absolute Instagram gold mine. So, if you're visiting with the intention of taking home some great images, definitely put Roman and Williams on your list.

There's nowhere else quite like it. 
When I took my friend there over the weekend, the only way I could describe it on our walk was "this gorgeous place". It's so aesthetically pleasing and just puts you in a dreamy, good mood being surrounded by so many beautifully curated things. 

Have you been to the Roman and Williams Guild yet?

five beautiful airbnb homes under $150 in austin

Happy Thursday, everyone! How's your week going so far? Are you like me (and all of my friends), daydreaming about the trips you want to take this summer? I'm working on a summer travel post to share with you in the coming weeks! 

I have a fun little trip coming up in May, but I'm also really excited about planning my first trip to Austin. I've heard such good things about it from so many people and am having so much fun pinning inspiration to my travel board on Pinterest. 

What's great about Austin is that there is an abundance of beautiful Airbnb listings that are also very affordable. You could seriously do an amazing weekend trip for under $500, easily. I was having so much fun looking for somewhere to stay that I had to share some of the places with you guys and I think I'll revisit this kind of post every so often with new cities.

So, here are five places you can stay in Austin for under $150 per night. I'm fairly certain they are all Airbnb Plus listings, too, which means you're getting just short of actual hotel amenities! Let me know which listing you most want to stay at.


Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 7.23.47 PM.png


How cute is that blue velvet couch? This listing is only $85 per night and sleeps four! There's a covered back patio and it's located on the east side of Austin near downtown, only a nine minute drive from the airport. 



If you want something super unique and bohemian, check out this Airstream in Barton Springs that lists for only $75 per night. The inside is very Anthropologie and there is a ton of cute outdoor space as well. Plus, it is within walking distance to coffee and tacos, so you'll be all set. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 7.29.31 PM.png


I love this one so much. It's bright and white with a big kitchen and two bedrooms, allowing the house to sleep up to six people for only $115 per night. If you divide that between six people, that's literally $20 a person for an entire house, or about $40 per couple. It's within walking distance to Alamo Drafthouse and located in the cute Zilker neighborhood.



Isn't this place gorgeous? It's impeccably designed in a very chic Texas style and located in Hill Country. For $139 per night, you get one bedroom, a full kitchen, a beautiful backyard, and easy access to hiking and the lake. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 7.33.46 PM.png


If you're looking for something Instagram worthy, this is definitely it. It's only $114 per night with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a huge backyard. The house and backyard are designed in a gorgeous, warm, midcentury modern style that will look so beautiful in photos. It's also near the university, so you'll be close to all that's going on.

nyc itinerary: culture + art trip


This was one of my favorite itineraries to put together because it's definitely the kind of trip I like to take. I love all types of culture from books and movies and art to plays and ballet and music and you can really get it all in New York. If those things are your passions, too, here's your itinerary:


The Library Hotel
This is truly my dream hotel and perfect for anyone on a culture-inspired trip to the city or just anyone who loves books as much as I do. The entire hotel is inspired by the library, with each floor being a section in the Dewey Decimal System and each room being a genre in that category. For instance: the Literature floor is where you'll find the fairytales room and the Arts floor is where you'll find the music themed room. There are also floors for science and technology, religion, philosophy, and more. 

The New York Edition
I love this hotel for a culture trip because of its unique, elegant design. The hotel is located inside a clocktower and the rooms are designed in a warm, minimalist style. It's located conveniently on the edge of Madison Square Park, giving you easy access to most places in the city. This is the perfect place for design lovers to stay.

Hotel Indigo
This is a super chic hotel on the Lower East Side that will put you in a really good neighborhood for a more authentic New York experience. The hotel itself is super focused on art, displaying murals by Lee Quinones and sculptures by Mr. Brainwash, both paying tribute to the graffiti scene that was so big on the LES in the 80s and 90s. This is a great place to stay if your art vibe is more youthful and rebellious.


M. Wells Dinette at MoMA PS1
Head over to Long Island City (easy to access by train) to spend a few hours at the incredible MoMA PS1 and while you're there, stop by the M. Wells Dinette for lunch. This place is so cool. Because the museum is in an old school, the restaurant is, of course, designed to look like a chic cafeteria with green chalkboards and communal tables that look like desks. Food is elevated comfort, so think croque monsieur, blueberry cobbler, and soup with bread and butter. 

Café Sabarsky at Neue Galerie
Plan to visit Neue Galerie to view Austrian art by Gustav Klimt and then continue the vibes at Café Sabarsky, a beautiful Viennese café where I suggest you eat an apple strudel. 

This is one of the city's most historic speakeasies, founded in the 1920s by a socialist activist and a gathering spot for beat artists and the Lost Generation. Writers like Edna St. Vincent Millay, EE Cummings, and Jack Kerouac were known to frequent the bar. Today, it still has the vintage speakeasy vibes, an unmarked entrance, secret stairs, and trap doors. Food is hearty and classic with things like lobster, wild mushroom risotto, and hamburgers with a drink menu perfect for Hemingway: whiskey, cider, scotch and soda. 

Minetta Tavern
Another literary haunt is Minetta Tavern, visited by the likes of Hemingway and Ezra Pound. To this day, it's still a celebrity haunt. It has the vibe of a French brasserie, with menu items like steak frites, caesar salads, and oysters. This place really reminds me of somewhere that Gatsby and Daisy would eat. 


Sing Broadway tunes at Marie's Crisis
If you love Broadway, you have to spend an evening at Marie's Crisis. It's a tiny little West Village dive where everyone huddles around the live pianist and sings Broadway tunes at the top of their lungs. It's super laid back and really, really fun. Keep in mind that it is cash only and that you'll need to check your coat and bag. There is also a one drink minimum per set, so bring about $15-$20 in cash minimum. 

Go gallery-hopping in Chelsea
In between paying to visit the art museums, check out the world renowned galleries in Chelsea that you can explore for free. If you head to West 24th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues, there are a ton of galleries with incredible art. 

Shop for books at The Strand
Stop by The Strand, my personal favorite bookstore near Union Square, for eighteen miles of books. Not only will you find cheap books (pretty much any one you'd want), and rare and out-of-print books, but they also have tons of culture-related pins, stickers, notebooks, and more. This is a must-do for anyone in the city but especially culture-lovers. 

Rush tickets to the ballet
Most people tend to go to Broadway shows in the city, but I highly suggest going to the ballet. I try to go as often as I can (especially during the summer when Lincoln Center puts on their festival). Yes, you can buy your tickets beforehand but if you're traveling alone or in a pair, I recommend going to the box office on the morning of a performance and rushing tickets for $25 each. I've never gone and not gotten tickets because they're, unfortunately, not in as high demand as Broadway shows. However, ballet is everything and will probably make you cry happy tears.

See a movie at a special theater
This city has so many cool and unique movie theaters that you won't find in other cities. Whether you want to see something new or something older, there's a place for you. Some of the theaters I recommend are Metrograph, Syndicated, The Paris Theater, Nitehawk Cinema, and The Angelika. Some are fancier than others, but even the less fancy ones (like The Angelika) are so magical. 

my florida day-in-the-life

IMG_5870 2.JPG

As you guys know, I've been in Florida for the past two weeks to escape the cold in New York for a bit. I thought it'd be fun to do a little day-in-the-life even though my days are pretty chill when I'm at home!

I started the morning with a bowl of my favorite Trader Joe's cereal. I believe it's called Berry Oat Clusters, but it reminds me of an old cereal I used to love called Blueberry Morning. It used to be so good then they changed the recipe and it was awful. Needless to say, I was happy to find this TJ's version.

After breakfast, I had a chill morning in the living room getting caught up on some episodes of Terrace House: Boys and Girls In the City. I've been watching this since November but have been going really slowly because I have so much going on. I got to watch several episodes on this day, which made me really happy. I'm obsessed with this show and am eager to get to the newer seasons!


In the early afternoon, my mom and I went out to Target to get a few things and also just to browse. I know Target has a lot of really cute new brand partnerships and we wanted to check them out. I was, of course, so impressed by Chip & Joanna's home decor and basically want everything. I was also super excited to see Naomi's new luggage line in person!


After Target, we made it a super 'basic girl' day and went to Chick-fil-A. I get it sometimes in the city but, I'm sorry, it's just so much better in the South. I don't know why, it just is.

I try to swim as much as possible when I'm in Florida, so we spent a few hours at the pool! 

Later in the evening, we had dinner and then a really cute night. We started with oxygenating bubble sheet masks (my favorite!) and watched Easy A. I hadn't seen it in forever and randomly remembered how much I love it (because I am Olive Pendergast), so I made my mom watch it with me! This was because I thought she'd like it but also, in part, to make up for making her watch Inglorious Basterds earlier in the week (even though she did like it). 


white satin camisole + poolside vibes


Happy Friday! I was supposed to go back to New York on Tuesday but really didn't feel like being in the snow so I extended my trip for another week. It must have been fate because, after I booked the new flight, my original flight was delayed like three times and then cancelled/rebooked twice.

So, if I hadn't rebooked, I would've been scheduled to go home two days after my initial flight and it would've been the worst flight ever as it leaves at 7:45 am, goes to Atlanta, then Savannah, then New York. I truly don't understand why there are two layovers in the state of Georgia. Crazy! Very grateful that I rebooked on my own and that I get another week in the warm weather.

A few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for a black, silk camisole with lace trim. For some reason, I couldn't find one anywhere but ended up finding this white Swiss dot one at Victoria's Secret. So far, I've liked pairing it with black skinny jeans and chunky knit cardigans with gold jewelry. Being in the warmer weather, I had the chance to pair it with some gauzy white shorts and a new gold necklace I got from Francesca's! I'm excited to keep finding new ways to style this piece.