the weekend list no. 46


Happy last weekend of October! I hope you’re getting in all the Halloween-themed, spooky celebration you possibly can over the next few days before we move into November and all things harvest/Thanksgiving.

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I had a couple of good highs this week! Earlier in the week, I got to eat lunch at a new restaurant I’ve been wanting to try in Orlando called Earls. It ended up surpassing my expectations, especially because they made us the best vegan tacos ever.

My biggest high, though, is that we booked our hotels for London and Amsterdam next May! It feels so good to have that booked because it’s one less thing I have to think about and it makes the trip seem more real. We’re staying in Mayfair in London and a really good location in Amsterdam, too, which I’m really grateful for. It’s going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to take lots of pretty photos!

My low is that my muscles have felt really tense lately, causing me to not sleep super well. I also slid down the stairs in my house, which made me sore and ripped a pair of my favorite sleep leggings, which sucks! Luckily, I have a deep tissue massage booked for early next week, so hopefully that helps.

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Today, we’re doing a big fall cleaning of the house which should be nice. I love watching Rachel Talbott videos to get me in the mood to clean. They seriously always do! I’m also going to go pick up some new essential oils for my diffuser and get a green juice while I’m out. Should be good! Like I said, I have a spa day booked this upcoming week and then we go to Jacksonville over the weekend for my brother’s wedding festivities!

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The one piece of advice young women need.

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I love this coat on Julia.

This story about the logistics of planning royal tours was so interesting!

Man Repeller’s take on ten autumn candles.

The “french girl” philosophy on self-care.

This is so out of my usual comfort zone, but I’ve really been enjoying the creepy Let’s Not Meet podcast lately, as well as Limetown!

The best autumn apple recipes. Makes me want that tarte tatin!

Cute inspiration for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Stream the perfect Halloween movie.

I love a good before and after.

cozy vibes // coffee talk


Happy Friday! It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve done a coffee talk post, even though it’s only been about a month. This month, I’ve been super intentional about making everyday cozy and celebrating Halloween. I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job, but can’t wait to make this Halloween week extra special with scary movies and cozy treats.

the hate u give // I recently saw ‘The Hate U Give’ and was totally knocked out by it. I read the book and loved it, so I was really looking forward to the film. Everyone, please go see it. It’s painful to watch but also really beautiful. Amandla Stenberg and Russell Hornsby’s performances were amazing, but I was really struck every time Algee Smith was on the screen.

pumpkin carving // My friend Holly and I got together for brunch last weekend at this outdoor spot in our town, which was decorated for Halloween with ghosts flying all around the ceiling. Afterwards, we sat on her porch to decorate our pumpkins while drinking mimosas and hanging out with her pets. I painted mine with a white and orange gingham pattern and “Boo!” in black letters. Seriously, it was such a nice, cozy time. I’m also growing some mini pumpkins at home, which I’m excited about!

the duke + duchess of sussex // I’ve, of course, been following along with Harry + Meghan’s tour in Australia, mostly through GoFugYourself because I like their commentary so much. Her outfits have been amazing, no? Another cool thing is that the royal baby will most likely be born right before or while I’m in London next year! How lucky is that?

olly undeniable beauty vitamins // Ever since living in New York, I’ve been having weird hair issues where I feel like my hair is thinning and losing its natural wave. This month, I finally decided to get some vitamins and decided on Olly’s Undeniable Beauty which have keratin, biotin, and vitamin C. They’re supposedly grapefruit flavored and I absolutely hate the taste of grapefruit, but they actually taste really good. It’s more like a grapefruit, cherry, raspberry kind of blended taste and it feels like having candy when you wake up in the morning! I’ve been using them for a couple weeks now and I already feel like I’m seeing a difference. The thickness of my hair is coming back and it’s been a little bit wavier, too!

getting back on track with workouts // I know I’m not alone in saying that I’ve gotten a little off track with my workouts lately. I feel like I’ve been hearing that from a lot of people! I’ve been doing hot yoga a bit and taking walks, but not working out as much as I like to and as much as I used to for the past few weeks. Anyway, I just wanted to share a tip that I always like to use that helps to get you back on track. When you haven’t worked out for awhile, getting back into it tends to feel like a feat, when it’s actually just as simple as doing it. What I like to do is pick a 10 minute workout and just go for it. It’s short and manageable, but it gets your endorphins going and reminds you why you love to work out, which then gets you motivated to do it again the next day and fall back into a pattern of doing it daily. Just a thought!

louise penny novels // I’ve been reading Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Gamache series over the past few years and just picked up the next one to read this fall. All of her books, no matter what season they take place in, are super cozy. The one I’m reading is the seventh in the ongoing series (there are currently thirteen), "A Trick of the Light”. It’s centered around a gallery exhibition and a murder in the garden of the artist being celebrated.

best podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

Happy Tuesday! I’m here with a quick post to share some of the podcasts that inspire me as a creative entrepreneur. If you are one, aspire to be one, or are simply interested in them, definitely check these out.

don’t keep your day job
Host Cathy Heller is a creative entrepreneur who quit her own day job to be a full time singer and songwriter. She interviews other people about their stories of quitting their day jobs to pursue their dreams.

MUST-LISTEN EPISODE: “How to Change Your Subconscious Mind”

the goal digger podcast
This one is hosted by the inspiring Jenna Kutcher who built a six figure photography business and has since expanded into several digital projects as well. She often covers topics related to digital careers like social media, photography, and such.

MUST-LISTEN EPISODE: “Social Media Influencer 101: Ask a Blogger Anything” with Kathleen Barnes of Carrie Bradshaw Lied

good company with grace bonney
This is a newer podcast, so it’ll be easy to catch up. It’s hosted by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge and the author of “The Company of Women”. She speaks with guests about the intersection of creativity and business.

MUST-LISTEN EPISODE: “Genevieve Gorder Discusses Career Longevity and Reinvention”

raising the bar with alli + michael
I absolutely love this podcast hosted by Drybar founders Alli Webb and Michael Landau. They talk with other entrepreneurs about their shared experiences and give great tips on scaling your business. I love their dynamic because, while they are both super smart, Alli is more on the creative side where Michael has a traditional business background.

MUST-LISTEN EPISODE: “Creating and Cultivating” with Jaclyn Johnson

work party
Another newish podcast, this one is hosted by Jaclyn Johnson, the founder of Create + Cultivate. She has a book with the same name that celebrates entrepreneurial women who redefine work on their own terms.

MUST-LISTEN EPISODE: “From Blog to Brand with Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores”

second life
This one is hosted by Hillary Kerr, the co-founder of Clique Media (WhoWhatWear, MyDomaine, Byrdie). She talks with women who have made big career changes, thus starting a “second life”. I like this one because it shows that you can really change your life and follow your dream at any age, even if you don’t think you’re qualified to do it.

MUST-LISTEN EPISODE: “Kelly LeVeque, Holistic Nutritionist and Celebrity Health Coach”

feel-good movies + tv to stream this fall


Yesterday, I went over to a friend’s house to decorate pumpkins and we were talking about how crazy it is that we already only have just a week and a half left of October! We’d like to start a petition to continue celebrating Halloween until the week of Thanksgiving. Who’s with us?

Even when Halloween passes, we’re still solidly in cozy season for the next few months and specifically in a fall state of mind, in my view, until December 1st, at which point, we’ll be doing all things holiday.

There’s a list of shows and movies I love to watch during fall, but that list is a mile long, so I wanted to narrow things down for you. Times are complicated and I’m a firm believer that you are what you consume, so most of the time, I try to watch things that are feel-good and positive. Sure, there’s definitely a time for scary movies or deep emotional dramas (which I do love), but for me, cozy equates to feel good. I’m also only sharing movies that are available to stream online to make things easy!

Pour a cozy drink into your cutest mug and let’s go.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (Netflix)
Possibly the most feel-good movie to come out recently! I loved these books and thought the movie did a great job of capturing the charming vibe. There’s baking, Korean yogurt drinks, cute clothes, and Peter K. What more do you need?

Gilmore Girls (Netflix)
The ultimate fall watch has to be Gilmore Girls. Since I’ve seen every season at least twice, I like to jump around to the coziest episodes, my favorite being “Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out” (season 4), in which the girls and the grandparents go to the Harvard-Yale game. Some other good cozy ones are “The Bracebridge Dinner” (season 2), “A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving” (season 3), “Kiss and Tell” (season 1), “Hay Bale Maze” (season 7), “The Lorelais First Day at Yale” (season 4),

The Carrie Diaries (Netflix)
This prequel to Sex and the City follows Carrie in high school while she balances her life with friends and family in Connecticut with her burgeoning life in Manhattan interning for Interview magazine. Many of the episodes take place during the fall and they all have a fun, cozy vibe.

The Great British Baking Show (Netflix)
The ultimate cozy, right? It doesn’t necessarily have big fall vibes because of its setting during the summer in the English countryside. But, baking is a quintessential fall activity and their happy attitudes will have you feeling good.

Steel Magnolias (Netflix)
One of my very favorite movies is perfect because it covers all four seasons. It starts in the summer and ends in the spring, but the little fall section in between is super cozy. Really, the whole movie is cozy with its southern vibes and phenomenal acting.

Paddington (Netflix)
Every adult I know who has seen Paddington says they were surprised that they cried multiple times throughout the movie because the title character is so sweet and inspiring. Plus, it’s set in a beautifully depicted London inside the coziest of townhouses.

Halloween Baking Championship (Hulu)
I get so excited every year when Halloween Baking Championship comes around on the Food Network and you can check out old seasons on Hulu. A group of bakers compete each week with fun, Halloween-themed baking challenges like creating a cake inspired by a vampire or whoopie pies inspired by witches.

Rushmore (Amazon Prime)
The most fall of all the Wes Anderson movies (maybe tying with Fantastic Mr. Fox) is this one, in which high school student Max falls in love with a new teacher at his prep school. He’s super eccentric, scholarly, and this whole movie just feels like the quirky school of your dreams.

You’ve Got Mail (HBO Go)
Every year, I take an evening to watch this movie because it’s just that enjoyable. Last night was our annual viewing with a pitcher of apple cider sangria and pretzel rolls with Boursin cheese. It’s from the 90s and about internet culture, so it’s actually really funny to see how that was perceived then. Plus, it’s autumn in New York with Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, and the supremely underrated Greg Kinnear, so it can’t get any better.

Chef’s Table (Netflix)
Especially the episode in season one about Stone Barns! This show is a deep dive into the personal stories and inspirations of some of the world’s most renowned chefs and there are offshoots such as Chef’s Table: France and Chef’s Table: Pastry.

six strong women to look up to

Untitled design (2).jpg

Don’t you think that now more than ever, we need strong, female role models to look up to? There are so many incredible women in history to look to as role models. From the Hepburns to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Hatshepsut, it’s not hard to find stories of inspiring women dating back to the beginning of time.

But times have changed and we’re living in a new era where women are, maybe not always but more than ever, free to be themselves and to carve out a path that works best for them. I have this whole theory about how women are primed to really take over the world. That’s not to mean any offense to men, because I firmly believe that equality and power for women will only make things better for men. Like John Laurens said in Hamilton, “We’ll never be truly free until those in bondage have the same rights as you and me.”

So, I wanted to share six of the women who have been especially inspiring to me lately:

Kamala Harris
An attorney and California senator, Kamala Harris is a half-Indian, half-black daughter of immigrants who has truly taken the politics world by storm recently. It’s incredibly important to have the representation that Kamala provides in the highest ranks of government, especially when it’s coming from someone who isn’t afraid to speak out.

Audrey Gelman
Audrey is the founder of The Wing, the chic women’s only clubs originally founded in New York that have now expanded to DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, London, and Toronto. She has a past in government, having worked for Hillary Clinton and Scott Stringer, but I find her work with The Wing to be so inspiring. There’s so much value not only in supporting women-founded and women-led companies, but also supporting spaces created with women in mind. For too long, women have been forced to maneuver their way in and through spaces that were designed to keep us out.

Amal Clooney
In my eyes, Amal is one of the most incredible women of our time and an incredible role model for women of all ages. She’s a Lebanese-British human rights lawyer who has represented high profile clients such as Julian Assange, the former prime minister of Ukraine, and Greece in an attempt to repatriate the Elgin Marbles. Most notably, in my eyes, is her work in court against ISIS, representing Nadia Murad, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee and ISIS survivor. I admire Amal because she is able to take on the world’s toughest cases while still fully presenting herself as a proud, feminine woman.

Reese Witherspoon
I both look up to Reese Witherspoon and her character Elle Woods for the duality they represent. As a fellow southern girl, I love how Reese promotes and represents southern heritage in its modern state. She supports progressive causes and pushes forward for women in her work with her production studio, but also brings attention to the traditions of the south, like philanthropy, community, and togetherness, that I love so much.

Glennon Doyle
Glennon has been especially incredible this year for me. You may know her as the Christian mommy blogger who, after getting divorced from her husband, married womens’ soccer star Abby Wambach. Together, they’re an incredible couple doing work through their foundation Together Rising. I think it’s so important for white, Christian women to speak out against the current administration and the values that it holds. Glennon has been leading the charge and doing just that.

Jen Hatmaker
Similar to Glennon Doyle, Jen Hatmaker is a white, evangelical Christian from Texas who, in addition to hosting an incredible podcast that I highly recommend, has been vocally supporting senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke. She’s another example of privileged women speaking out, despite the backlash they inevitably receive from their peers. She’s also a mom to five kids, two of whom are black. She’s such an advocate for love and acceptance and that’s why she inspires me so much.