the perfect travel outfit is...


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We kicked off my birthday trip to Europe on Friday and have been loving every bit of it ever since. We’ve been planning this trip since August, so it’s exciting that it’s finally here.

We flew out Friday night and landed in London late Saturday morning which, of course, meant a long haul, overnight flight. I’ve done an over night like this once before en route to Paris via Reykjavik and stand by my opinion that it’s a brilliant idea. You go through several time zones, but because you’re flying through the night, you don’t feel as jet lagged because you pretty much get a normal night’s sleep.

Although, it does require a little creativity when it comes to your outfit. You obviously want any long haul flight outfit to be super comfortable yet pulled together, but when you’re flying overnight, you have the added element of needing it to feel as much like pajamas as possible and keep you warm. Luckily, I’ve come up with the easiest, go-to outfit formula for this.

I start with a basic black tank top because it’s simple, comfy, and it’s okay if you accidentally spill something on it. I love tanks from Everlane because they feel super high quality and are ethically sourced. I pair that with my black Align leggings from Lululemon, which literally feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. They honestly feel silky and just melt into your body which is perfect for an overnight flight because so many other leggings can get uncomfortable after awhile. Finally, I layer on a long, cozy cardigan for when I get cold and sometimes, like today, I bring along a beige scarf to use as a wrap when the plane gets cold.

As for shoes, I like to pair white Converse with this outfit which works well when you have Pre-Check and don’t have to take off your shoes 🤙 But I will say that they’re not the easiest to slip off when you’re ready to go to sleep (and I’m not going to lie, my Converse smell strongly of rubber when they’re off which is kind of gross haha), so for this flight I chose to wear black ballet flats instead. When I’m ready to get cozy, I take them off and switch into a pair of the softest black cashmere socks.

To dress this up a little, I’m wearing a delicate gold necklace, my go-to diamond stud earrings, and my everyday black Balenciaga sunglasses. Last Friday, I shared everything I pack in my tote bag, which is my beloved Barrington St. Anne Tote.

I absolutely love wearing this outfit to travel because it really strikes the perfect balance between being extremely comfortable yet also pulled together and cute enough that I don’t feel embarrassed walking into the hotel afterwards looking a hot mess. 😂

pretty things no. 39

Copy of Copy of Dapper.png

Anyone with a birthday in May (namely, me) knows that May is the month of the emerald, so it only makes sense that the theme of this pretty things is emerald and its complimentary color mint.

Do y’all know Faithfull the Brand? They have the cutest pieces right now for spring and summer that I’m dying to get my hands on. This mint mini-dress is such a versatile look that you could pair with white Converse, sandals, or even ankle boots.

One of my favorite things is when a classic silhouette is made in a fun print or color. This Fendi bag is the perfect example. It has that classic square shape, but it’s in a less “classic” color. In this case, the pastel mint makes it a pretty, feminine option for spring and summer.

I’m obsessed with this swimsuit from Faithfull. Over the past few years, I’ve been really drawn to dark green swimsuits in general because it’s so rare to actually see anyone else wearing them. This one in particular is special because it has that bandeau top and the polka dots.

How lovely is this La Perla robe? It’s just the perfect thing to wear around the house, on your back porch having a drink the morning, or getting ready at your vanity.

Delfina Delettrez is the perfect go-to when you want a piece that’s unique and sure to draw attention. I couldn’t have an emerald theme without showcasing some actual emerald jewelry, right? These emerald eyes are so dreamy and a great way to dress up a basic white t-shirt and jeans.

When the evenings are still a little chilly in the spring, this ruffled pointelle sweater from Opening Ceremony is a great piece to layer over your day dress or to pair with white jeans.

international travel: what's in my carry-on bags


Happy Friday, everyone! So, tonight, we’re off to the airport heading to Europe for my birthday and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m working a little bit today, may half the day before getting everything ready to go and heading out. Over the years, I’ve come up with the perfect airplane outfit which I’ll show you in my post on Monday! But today, I’m sharing what’s in my big ‘ole carry-on bags.

Contrary to what I often see out there in the world, I’m not at all an over packer. It probably has to do with the fact that I lived so lean in New York, so I’ve become experienced with getting everything I need streamlined into one piece of carry-on luggage and the tote bag I use for my purse. So, here’s everything I pack to make sure I’m prepared specifically for a long haul, overnight flight.

Barrington Tote

1. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask
My favorite carry-on item has to be the Jet Lag Mask from Summer Fridays. I rarely set foot on a plane without using a hydrating mask because the air is so dry and this is the perfect one because it goes on completely clear. See my full review here.

2. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
Another hydrating must have is a good hand cream and I love the hand salve from Kiehl’s. It’s super thick and hydrating, plus you can wash your hands three time without needing to reapply which is great since I tend to hand sanitize a lot while traveling.

3. Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner
The third facet of the hydration trifecta is a face mist and in the past, I typically have used the Mario Badescu spray. But this time, I’m using a toner from Indie Lee. I’ll spritz this on a couple times through the flight whenever I need a little refresher. Another great option is Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir.

4. Honest Beauty Makeup Wipes
text - I usually don’t use makeup wipes because they’re sort of wasteful, but I make an exception when I’m flying somewhere because they’re so much easier to pack than my giant bottle of Bioderma. As soon as I get to my seat on the plane, I take off all of my makeup and slather on my face mask.

5. Honest Company Anti-Bacterial Baby Wipes
As soon as I get to my seat, I start my routine by wiping everything down with an anti-bacterial wipe, from the seat and the armrests to the window and the tray. I like The Honest Company’s baby wipes because they’re pretty clean, much like the makeup wipes I mentioned above.

6. Zzzquil Capsules
For overnight flights, I keep a sleep aid on had in case I’m having trouble falling asleep. There are tons of options including Dramamine (which is for motion sickness but also good for sleep), Ambien (which I avoid), and natural choices like melatonin or even Nature’s Bounty Goodnight Lovely capsules with melatonin and hyaluronic acid. But I tend to opt for Zzzquil because it always works for me, whereas the natural options can be hit or miss, personally.

7. Apple Earbuds + Kreafunk Wireless Headphones
I carry two different headphones with me because I prefer using my wireless pair when I’m listening to something on my phone, but if I want to watch a movie on the seat screen, it requires pluggable earbuds.

8. Sigvaris Compression Calf Sleeves
It’s super important to ensure proper blood circulation in your legs and that’s especially true when flying because you have such limited mobility. For long flights, I always wear my Sigvaris compression calf sleeves. I have the black ones because, although they are usually hidden under my leggings, I can wear them with shorts and they look more sporty than medical.

9. Swell Bottle
I love, love, love my Swell bottle and they’re so good for travel because they truly keep your water cold all day long even if they’re left in a hot car. My particular bottle is a Liberty print which is very fitting for London, right? So, I’ll bring my empty bottle with me through security then fill it up at a water station or, if there is’t one, at a Starbucks or airport café.

10. Trtl Pillow
I don’t know what to say about this one. Some people think it looks silly, I think it looks sort of like a scarf. But regardless, this thing is so comfortable and the only neck pillow I’ve found that works for me!

11. RX Bars + Other Snacks
These are so great for travel because they’re small but mighty. I personally prefer the berry variations (especially blueberry). I get all of my other snacks from Trader Joe’s. Things like fresh and freeze dried fruit, organic string cheese, Inner Peas, and individual trail mix packets.

12. Truffle Pouch Necessities
I absolutely adore my Truffle pouches for air travel because they’re cute, they’re clear, and they keep everything super organized so that I can just reach into my bag and know where to find important things. In my larger pouch, I keep the skincare products I’ll use on the plane and then in the smaller one, I store my passport, Global Entry card, phone charger, and boarding pass if for some reason it is printed out. Side note, these are really easy to clean! I spilled nail polish in my large tote and thought I was done for, but with some soapy water and polish remover, it looks like new again.

13. Sleep Mask
I’ve packed one of my cute themed sleep masks that came with a pair of pajamas (I have a drawer full of these) to block out any light in the cabin overnight. If you can, I highly suggest getting the Slip silk eye mask.

14. Book
I used to be the girl who lugged multiple books and magazines in her carry-on bag and was miserable hauling it through the terminal, only to end up listening to a podcast anyway. So, I’ve finally relented and have started taking a magazine instead! However, since this trip involves two long flights, I’m also packing a book which happens to be presidential primary candidate Pete Buttigieg’s new memoir.

15. Cashmere Socks
I believe that you can’t honestly reach peak cozy without a pair of warm socks to slip on when you get to your seat. Who wants to sleep in their shoes?!

Carry-On Luggage

1. Away Packing Cubes
I love using these packing cubes (I have them in the color ‘sand’) to keep things separated and organized in my luggage and everything easy to find without having to dig through. This set comes with four different shapes/sizes. Within and outside of the cubes, I use the KonMari folding method to ensure maximized use of space. When you get to your hotel or Airbnb, simply lift the cubes out of your luggage and straight into the dresser drawers.

2. Makeup Bag
I carry a few essentials with my in my tote but the rest of my makeup goes into my luggage inside a little organizer. I try to pare down what I take with me to only the essentials that I’ll need for whatever I’m doing on the trip. In this case, I have my Anastasia Brow Wiz, Burt’s Bees Mascara, Tarte blush, a Nars red lipstick, and Maybelline brown eyeliner. Things like my RMS Uncover Up concealer and Fresh lip balms are in my tote bag because I use them all day long.

3. Dual Voltage Curling Iron
When I’m at home, I use my trusted Hot Tools curling iron but it isn’t dual voltage. I like to be safe with things like that, so I have a Conair dual voltage ceramic curling iron (1 1/4 inch) to take abroad with me. It’s super affordable and works really, really well for the price. I highly recommend it to anyone who travels abroad or even if you just need a good curling iron that’s well priced.

4. Reusable Straws
It might sound a little extra to bring along your own reusable straws but I hate plastic straws and my bamboo ones are small and easily packable, so why not? I’ll put one or two in my bag when I go out for the day and use them at restaurants so that I’m not wasting plastic.

5. Skincare Routine
And finally, my full skincare routine. Like I said, I keep things like makeup wipes, Jet Lag mask, and face mist in my large Truffle pouch but the rest of the routine is packed away in my luggage. Like makeup, I pare things down and only take the essentials like a cleanser and a moisturizer (in my case, rosehip or almond oil). I’ve got a really good trick too! Instead of packing leaky shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, go out and buy a bar of soap (I recommend Dr. Bronner’s peppermint bar soap) that can work as all three. Keep in mind, not all bar soaps can double as shampoo but Dr. Bronner’s can, as well as this and Lush has shampoo bars too.

hello, may!


Happy first day of May! The theme for this month is adventure and all things pretty. It’s my birthday month, so we’re spending the first bit of the month in Europe and I’m going to do a little something different with my travel content. I thought about doing the classic day-to-day recaps and all of that. But ultimately, I decided to go in a more thematic direction which I think will be fun. However, I will definitely have a little bit of the hour by hour recap in there.

After we get back from Europe, there’s all sorts of fun things going on from the Ariana Grande concert to the start of summer festivities around here. So, the theme is adventure and pretty and the aesthetic I have in mind is lots of blush pinks and periwinkle blues, flowers, beautiful architecture, airports, hotels, and delicious food.

book report: april 2019


Where in the world did April go? Heading into May, I’m doing well with my reading goals for the year. I read six books this month, one being a reread. Next month, I’m traveling and likely won’t get as much reading done but luckily, the summer is coming and I’ll be able to catch up then. What are y’all reading right now? Anything good lately?

Total Progress: 22/70

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (A)
Okay, so this is a reread for me. I first read it a few years ago on a flight to Paris and it was seriously the best way to pass the time (besides watching and falling asleep to the beautiful movie “Once”)! I read it again last month for two reasons: 1) Ashley Brooke chose it for her March book club pick and 2) I’m heading to London next month and this book is really good inspiration. If you haven’t read it yet, please do! It’s a story very loosely inspired by Kate & Will’s romance except in this version, the girl is American (plus many other differences). Not only is the plot interesting, but the writers developed the most entertaining characters that feel so real, I actually think about them even when I’m not reading the book. Plus, a sequel is coming soon!

The Anomaly by Michael Rutger (B+)
This story was so not what I expected! Not in a bad way, but in a wow, I didn’t expect that twist and that twist and THAT twist way. It reminded me of when I read “No Exit” earlier this year because the action just kept going until the end, although it didn’t give me nearly as much anxiety as “No Exit” did! 😅 So, the story is kind of Indiana Jones meets Tomb Raider. The host and crew of an exploration/conspiracy TV show set off to find a mysterious cave that no one believes exists. What they end up finding is super unexpected and things get super crazy in the second half. I wouldn’t say this was a heart pounding thriller, but it was a book I definitely couldn’t put down and I’m excited that he’s writing a follow up.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (A)
This is a classic that I’ve been studying for awhile now and I genuinely hope that every human should read it. The four agreements are life changing. Following these four principles will improve your life, I guarantee it and I feel like they’re just what our world needs at the moment.

Star Power: A Simple Guide to Astrology for the Modern Mystic by Vanessa Montgomery (A)
This is a great little astrology guide that’s helpful when reading your birth chart. I don’t have a whole lot to say about it other than if you’re interested in analyzing your astrological birth chart, this is a great go-to. Plus, it’s super aesthetically pleasing.

Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter (B+)
Immediately after I finished this book, I saw an article about how it’s being turned into a Netflix miniseries which I think could be really cool! Karin Slaughter’s books are always ones that I can’t seem to put down. This story is about a woman and her mother who find themselves in the middle of a shooting at their local mall. Surprising everyone, the woman’s mother jumps into action and handles the situation with military like precision. This leads the woman to delve into her mother’s past to find out why she was able to do that. It’s less of a violent story than some of Karin Slaughter’s other books and more of a mystery/thriller, which I really liked.

So, Here’s The Thing… by Alyssa Mastromonaco (B)
I’m a huge fan of Alyssa’s. She’s the former White House deputy chief of staff under Barack Obama and I absolutely adored her first book which was essentially a book of anecdotes from her life in politics and in the Obama administration. Seriously, so good. Read it now! Her second book is more focused around growing up and her life after the White House. To be honest, I liked it a little less. It’s nothing against her at all because she’s still my fave, but the anecdotes just didn’t speak to me as much as the ones in the first book did.