The Story

While interning in the New York metro area during the summer of 2014, I started Young Sophisticate on my laptop in the lobby of The Ace Hotel. Since childhood, I've been interested in writing, creating, storytelling, and ideas. Over the years, all of my interests have slowly come together in a really interesting way that reminds me of the Steve Jobs quote: "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards."

Immediately after high school, I started studying at the Aveda Institute in Orlando, Florida where I quickly learned that I am a horrible cosmetologist. Even my instructors pointed out that I had a tendency to avoid taking clients by constantly volunteering to work in the dispensary where I mixed hair color, selected products, and made sure that the stylists had everything they needed to perform a great service. It was obvious to me that I should pursue a path in management, so I left Aveda and moved to St. Augustine where I studied Business & Art History at Flagler College

While at Flagler, I tried my hand at blogging but it wasn't until the summer before junior year that I actually started Young Sophisticate. I was a Customer Development intern with a focus on hair care products at Unilever. I was lucky enough to spend the summer living about 15 minutes outside Manhattan. That summer, my fellow interns often asked me for recommendations in the city, noting that it always seemed like I was doing something fun or going somewhere interesting. This was funny to me since, before that summer, I'd only been to the city once before. 

I decided to start the blog that summer as a way of sharing my point of view and filtering the city (and world) through my eyes. I wanted to create a guide for leading a unique and curated lifestyle. Sophisticated is a word that encompasses the values I try to express on the blog, but I added the word "young" because I try to represent a fresh, modern take on sophistication that doesn't involve any outdated rules or antiquated social beliefs.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.
— Steve Jobs