In My Carry-On

1. The first thing that goes in my carry-on is a folder containing all of the essential documents---itinerary, hotel confirmations, tickets, and other paperwork. 

2. Sunglasses are a must.

3. I always keep a pair of socks on hand so that I can slip off my shoes mid-flight without being completely inconsiderate of those around me. Plus, it makes things far more comfortable.

4. Even for domestic flights, I carry my passport---in a cute case, of course.

5. I would love to use a full sheet mask during flights, but so many people are afraid of them that I cannot bring myself to do it. As a compromise, slip on an under-eye sheet mask so that you look fresh and awake when you land, but without frightening your seat mates.

6. Always, always, always make sure to manage your immune system while traveling. There is nothing worse than landing at your destination feeling the onset of a cold. I like Emergen-C's blueberry acai flavor.

7. Reading material is of the utmost importance. On my next flight, I'll be breezing through Stephanie Clifford's Everybody Rise.

8. Pack a little bag of your favorite candy to keep you happy.