Girls Who Do Cool Things (No. 1)


Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling,  Actress

Charlotte Rampling, Actress

In my eyes, Charlotte Rampling should need no introduction. Rampling was educated in England and France before working as a model, making her film debut in 1965. Since then, she has made appearances in some of my favorite films of all time including the adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go (2010), Lars Von Trier's Melancholia (2011), Swimming Pool (2003), The Duchess (2008), and The Wings of the Dove (1997). She was also on a season of Dexter, which was bizarre and kind of ruined me. Aside from being a truly incredible actress, Charlotte embodies my perfect idea of sophistication. She is reserved and strong, intellectual and sexy, classically elegant but modern. She is currently slated to be nominated for the Best Actress category at the 2016 Oscar's for her upcoming role in Andrew Haight's 45 Years. 


Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Homes,  CEO

Elizabeth Homes, CEO

Elizabeth Holmes is the CEO of consumer healthcare startup Theranos which she founded at the age of nineteen. She can be found on the Forbes 400 list and at 31, is the youngest self-made female billionaire on the list. Elizabeth's company aims to make diagnostic testing accessible and affordable with the intention of discovering and treating onset disease. 


Szelena Gray

        Szelena Gray,  COO

        Szelena Gray, COO

I read about Szelena Gray and her work in Vogue's September issue and  have been super excited about it ever since. Szelena Gray serves as Chief Operating Officer for Mayday, a Super PAC with the intention of ending all Super PACs. Mayday takes the traditional concept of a Super PAC and turns it on its head. Super PACs are typically funded by wealthy individuals and corporations (despite legal measures to prevent this) who turn financial power into political power by using campaign funds to elect politicians who are aligned with their own agenda. Mayday is a crowdfunded Super PAC working to elect politicians who will work to pass legislation to end unethical campaign financing.