The 5 Videos You Should Watch Today



YouTube has officially become my go-to source for entertainment. I don't have cable and, frankly, am not interested in what cable offers save for House of DVF and Bloomberg which can both be accessed online. Netflix has been out for me lately because I just have not had the time nor the patience to commit to watching a full series or even a movie. It's no secret that YouTube has a lot of great content these days and the most appealing part is that it's all customized to your specific interests. I am really quite into it and am going to start sharing some of the cooler things I find. Here's the first five:

Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2014

Okay, this is one of my favorite shows of all time. The music is perfect, the clothes are beyond, and the choice to host the show at the Duggal Greenhouse was such a cool way to tie together the idea of rugged, urban survival. Then there was that weird thing with the heat-activated leather. The whole show was just one of those viewing experiences that makes you feel something and doesn't let you forget it. Plus, all of the pieces look really good in profile. 

At Home With Poppy Delevingne

Most days, I watch at least one video from any of three Vogue Youtube Channels--American, British, French--although I would like to get into the channels of Vogue Japan and Vogue Spain eventually. I absolutely love American Vogue's 73 Questions series and British Vogue's At Home With series. The video above is part of the latter and follows notorious kook Poppy Delevingne around her house as she talks about eating tea bags and says that her style is "inspired by camels". I love everything about this.

'Know Me Well' by Roo Panes - Burberry Acoustic

Burberry Acoustic videos are always incredible, but this is my favorite one. Roo Panes, the setting, the musicians, and the time of day all work together so well to create a really stunning composition. I really could watch this over and again because it is just hypnotic.

Alexa Chung + British Vogue's Future of Fashion

In case you don't already know, Alexa Chung has begun a new docuseries with British Vogue called "The Future of Fashion". We're four episodes in (above is the first) and so far, it has been pretty good. This series focuses on the business of fashion and those people behind the scenes who truly keep the industry moving. I like that British Vogue is putting out content that portrays fashion accurately, as a serious industry that reaches far beyond the fashion bloggers and models we see constantly. 

Joy (2015) Trailer

I saw this trailer for David O. Russell's new film Joy last weekend at the theater and, despite being a real trailer snob, loved it. Clear comparisons to the trailer for The Social Network can be drawn, thanks to the choral cover song, which might be why I like it so much. Needless to say, this will be my Christmas day movie.