6 Coats for Winter

In the winter months, your coat is your key wardrobe item for reasons both practical and sartorial. Practically, you don't want to freeze. Sartorially, it's the first (and sometimes only) piece of clothing people will see you wearing. For these reasons, a great coat is worth the investment. As always, I suggest investing in a high-quality version of a classic coat and spending less on what's trending. Here are six key coats for winter that will look great thrown on over any outfit.


The holy grail of coats. Find a great camel coat, have it tailored, wear it like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, keep it forever.

Dark Wool

The dark wool, military-style coat is your best bet for practicality. It's warm, neutral, and classic with a bit of an edge depending how you style it.


Anyone with the audacity to wear a stark white coat during the rainy, puddle-slushy seasons is a friend of mine. You will be daring and incredibly chic.


Up first in the trend category is shearling. There are many ways to do shearling, but I prefer the simple shearling lined jackets. If you want to be super cozy, try a full shearling look like this one from Massimo Dutti.


Likely the trendiest of coats this season are the suede ones. However, they can evoke many eras past such as 60s hippie-rock and 90s C.B.K. prep.


A non-traditional coat could mean anything from a unique color (emerald, pastel) to a print (striped, color blocked), an interesting cut (asymmetrical, deconstructed) or a cool texture (shearling, velvet).