16 Things to Keep at Your Desk


Your office beauty kit is the perfect place to shovel all those sample sized things you get from Sephora or Birchbox. I recommend designating a pretty makeup bag for your desk and filling it with essentials like a (1) hand cream, (2) rollerball perfume, (3) a deodorant spray or wipe, and your favorite (4) facial mist.


If I could only recommend one item, it would be (5) the BKR bottle. It is so helpful when it comes to monitoring the amount of water you are consuming daily. It's easy: in order to get the recommended eight glasses, you just fill up and drink from your (1 litre) BKR bottle twice. I also suggest keeping (6) bags of green tea at your desk to drink throughout the day. My favorite right now is a blend of green, white, and matcha tea from Zhena's Gyspy Tea. As for food, popcorn is a great go-to and there's nothing better than (7) Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink popcorn. It's also nice to have something sweet in the afternoon when your energy level starts to dip, so keep a bar of (8) good, dark chocolate on hand at all times and eat a square when you start to lag.


When it comes to supplies, you either stick to whatever is in the supply closet or you go all out in attempt to convey what lies in the depths of your soul through the use of themed notepads. As a person who works in an office with all girls, I am a proud member of the latter group. I love the (9) illustrated notepads from Garance Dore and this little (10) pink notebook from Kate Spade. Everyone will tell you to keep (11) headphones at your desk and I will add that this is just another opportunity to show off your personal style. You can find all sorts of gorgeous headphones from places like Frends, Bauble Bar, and (obviously) Beats. Finally, get some (12) pens with personality. Seriously. A gold pen costs maybe one dollar more than those unfortunate teal ones and they bring so much more joy. 


My office is so cold that some of us have invested in mini space heaters to plug in underneath our desks. Your space probably isn't that extreme, but most offices tend toward the colder side, making (13) a throw blanket essential. Next, I think it's smart to keep (14) a pair of flats at your desk because the one day you decide to wear stilettos to work will be the day you have to haul something up or down the stairs because that is the way the universe works. I would typically recommend mints over gum, but (15) this brand Simply Gum is 100% natural and sometimes you just need to chew on something. (16) These screen cleansing towelettes are a must have. You can use them to remove oil and dirt from your phone, your computer screen, and even your glasses.