Chanel Aeroport

Everyone is covering Chanel SS16 RTW, AKA Chanel Aeroport but I have to jump on the bandwagon because it was probably my favorite themed Chanel show yet, even though I was obsessed with Paris-Moscou back in 2009. 

Karl has gone this route before. We saw the bistro last season and le grand magasin before that. In my mind, there are two cool ideas behind these shows: the first being this idea of creating a literal runway out of places that are often considered real world runways where women peacock their everyday outfits. This is especially true of the airport for fashion girls. Seriously, there are over 630,000 hits on Google for "airport style". The second concept here is that of a Chanel fantasy world in which every place you go is shiny and filled with beautiful clothes and people. I think these concepts are so clever, yet very obvious to the point where I'm surprised no one has taken on this idea before in such a clear, literal way.

I mean, my God, what if every airport actually looked like this? I would be like Mehran Nasseri except wearing a tailored suit / platform shoe combination and living there voluntarily. As per usual with Chanel, the pieces are beautiful on an individual level but the styling is what makes the collection so fun and fresh. The looks are rather wearable, too! I'm sure we'll be seeing more tweed and metallic shoes at Zara. 

Courtesy of Eva Chen ( @evachen212 )

Courtesy of Eva Chen (@evachen212)

From now on, I expect every airport I travel through to be populated by the likes of Caroline de Maigret, Ines de la Fressange, and Hudson Kroenig.