Dream Weekend: December in the City

I find myself often counting the minutes (quantity unknown) until I will be back the city permanently. No joke, I have had seven recurring dreams of varying nature in which I am trying relentlessly to get to Veselka in the East Village. One way or another, my plans are thwarted and I wake up really wanting pierogi. 

Until I'm back in the city, I hold on to daydreams of my perfect weekend plans. 

Wake up, go for a run, then head to Lafayette for a breakfast of lemon pancakes (and maybe pain au chocolat). Next, I'd take a long walk through lower Manhattan, spending the most time in Greenwich Village. I would be sure to stock up on teas at McNulty's then head across the street to Rag & Bone where I would likely buy this coat so that I could pretend to be Holly Golightly. 

After shopping, I'd stop at Chloe Coscarelli's restaurant on Bleecker Street to have pomegranate lemonade, kale caesar salad, and vegan ice-cream.

Next, I'd probably take a nap and wake up just in time to go see Room at the Angelika. I'd get an apple from the snack counter then descend into the endearingly crummy underbelly. After that, I'd walk off the physical stress of sitting down for two hours and the emotional stress I am sure is produced by the movie. I would make my way to The Smith and eat the only meal I ever order there---mac & cheese with a French 75. I'd round off the evening by taking post-meal photo booth pictures with friends and strangers.

I would wake up early for my beloved Soul Cycle. After class, I'd get a massage somewhere then go to The Butcher's Daughter for the Water Flower juice and Smashed Avocado Toast Benedict (slay me). I'd take a green juice for the road and head to my favorite place on earth, the Strand bookstore. After spending my life savings there, I would walk over to Union Square Park where I would need to rest after carrying a one-hundred-pound bag of books for two blocks. At some point on that walk, I would have stopped in to get a drink from News Bar. The last time I was there, I think I got some sort of creamy, iced green tea latte which is what I would get again if possible. 

After dropping the books off somewhere, I would wander around for a good while. I might stop in at a museum, perhaps The Whitney since I haven't been to the new location. After that, I'd have a light dinner either at Blossom or Candle 79. If I'm at Blossom, I'm having the seitan scallopini with truffled mashed potatos and sauteed kale*. If I'm at Candle 79, I will order anything but definitely the ice-cream/sorbet sampler which is always a good choice. 

*Side bar: I swear this meal at Blossom has magical healing properties. There was one weekend where I was experiencing horrible muscle soreness. I ordered this from Blossom and when I woke up the next morning, I was completely pain free. It can only be magic.

After dinner and a quick nap, I'd put on this Chloe dress and some metallic loafers then head to Lincoln Center for NYC Ballet's The Nutcracker. After the performance, I would walk and walk and walk and--at long last--find myself at Veselka. Unlike in my dreams, I would make it inside and enjoy one (maybe two) plates of late night pierogi with applesauce and sour cream. I'd get a giant glass of the house-made raspberry lemonade and cry tears of joy.