How to Stay Warm, Pt. 2

Once you've put on your flannel pajamas and in between the long Harry Potter binges recommended in How to Stay Warm Pt. 1, you will be ready to move on to the next phase of your quest for gezelligheid.

Start by making something warm to eat. In the morning, try The Minimalist Baker's vegan pumpkin spice pancakes. Make a midday batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies which can easily be made vegan by replacing butter with Earth Balance if you so desire. Moving on to dinner, create a lavish veggie wellington. After dinner, make a cup of your favorite cocoa.

In the morning, take a long bath with essential oils. Juniper, cardamom, and rosemary oils are great for cold days. Settle in with a copy of Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management. The illustrations are to die for. Once you are properly inspired, go ahead and clean your kitchen with the spiced chesnut kit from Williams-Sonoma. Next, grab a bottle of The Laundress wool & cashmere shampoo to refresh all of your winter sweaters. Next, brew up a Fig & Yarrow winter herbal steam to clear out your respiratory system. Finally, finish up the day with a ballet production. You can watch several versions of The Nutcracker on YouTube!