5 Informative Podcasts for Your Playlist

Common Sense with Dan Carlin

You may know Dan Carlin from his other podcast Hardcore History, but my preference is for his aptly titled Common Sense. He describes his podcast as a medium to discuss his "politically Martian view of news and current events", an ironic statement considering how levelheaded and--surprise--commonsensical his commentary often is. I guess Dan might be the kind of Martian whose birds-eye perspective allows him to effectively comment on the kind of abject stupidity to which we have become numb.
Get started with Show 298: "Innovation Acceleration and Jab Defense".


Philosophize This!

This is a great entry-level podcast for those who are interested in learning more about philosophy. The host, Stephen West, takes you through the different eras, schools of thought, and selected topics of philosophy in a manner that is both information heavy and easily digestible.
Get started with Episode 10: "The Hellenistic Age Pt. 1 - Epicurus"


NPR Fresh Air

I admit to being an obsessive NPR listener and devoted Terry Gross fangirl, hence my Fresh Air recommendation. Typically, I will listen to NPR throughout the day but the Fresh Air podcast is a great way to catch up on portions you may have missed. This show/podcast is a great resource for learning about people and subjects you would not likely be exposed to elsewhere. Topics range from ancient Rome and contemporary film to folk singers and popular television.


The Frame

I am always looking for new film podcasts and recently stumbled across The Frame which, in addition to its sister podcast The Awards Show Show, has become an integral part of my daily listening schedule. The Frame is comprised mostly of film news and interviews that go deeper than the average obligatory-press-tour-movie-plug you see on talk shows. 


Re/Code Decode

Tech journalist Kara Swisher provides unique coverage of an industry and topics that can seem daunting. The very first episode I listened to featured such a great interview with Brian Chesky that I immediately subscribed. He talks about what happened when his company Airbnb hosted their annual Airbnb Open in Paris this year on the day of the attacks. I have a whole new level of respect for the Airbnb team after hearing this!
Get started with: Airbnb CEO, Brian Chesky