How to Stay Warm Pt. 1

On the coldest days of winter, there is no better combination than a woodsy candle, cozy sweater, and carefully curated entertainment. This Fireside scented candle from The Little Market is the newest addition to my holiday table and I loved that it was accompanied by a little card identifying the artisan who made it!

On particularly cold nights, I will wear a turtleneck sweater with my favorite tartan flannel pajama pants to keep warm. It's important to keep a well-stocked drawer of warm sleepwear, as it is bad for your health (and skin!) to sleep with the heater on.

My favorite winter novels come in two varieties. The first are relatively lighthearted, low-key books like The Finishing TouchesFirst Frost, and Blackmoore. The second variety consists of heavier, mystery-oriented stories such as the biography Catherine the Great, the mystery Night Filmand my most-read favorite The Secret HistoryI also feel obliged to mention that my two favorite novels--Jane Eyre and Anna Karenina--are great selections for cozy nights. If you're not up for a long-term reading commitment, buy a stack of your favorite magazines to breeze through.

Movie marathons are a universal go-to activity for winter days. I admit that I am not particularly fond of Christmas movies. Instead, I have my own lineup of movies that I love to watch around the holidays. These movies may not be explicitly about the holidays, but they evoke the same cozy feeling. I highly recommend that everyone designate at least two days of December for watching every Harry Potter movie---extra points if you own this flawless Hogwarts Castle Blu-Ray set. Next on the list are films like The Shop Around the Corner, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Family Stone, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Keep your eyes peeled for "How to Keep Warm Pt. 2" in the coming weeks. It will set you up with the best cold-weather accessories, activities, and healthy recipes.