Collected Week 12/4/15

ABSCV = Always be sporting Chanel Vamp.

ABSCV = Always be sporting Chanel Vamp.

Scraping ice from my windshield with a wooden spatula, listening to moody jazz on my balcony in the cold, marathon watching potential Best Picture nominees, and spending way too much time trying to decide what to eat.

Instrumental holiday music. No vocals ever in this genre, please.

While I wait for more potential nominees to be released, I might spend my time revisiting Home Alone and completing a bi-annual Harry Potter marathon.

The Finishing Touches by Hester Browne

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Young Sophisticate Gift Guide

Coffee table books make wonderfully thoughtful gifts. No matter who you are buying for---parents, friends, coworkers---you will be able to find a book tailored to their specific interests. My picks are shown above, but you can find plenty more at Assouline, Rizzoli, and Taschen.