What to Watch & Read This Autumn

With fall comes plenty of opportunities to spend time outside enjoying the cooler weather. The perfect day starts with tea, follows up with a trip to the apple orchard, and ends under a fur throw with a book or watching a movie. Whether they are new to you or a revisitation, here are some ideas for what to watch and read during the next few months.


Dead Poets Society

If there's one film out there that should be named the quintessential autumn film, it would be this one. I think very highly of Dead Poets Society for a list of reasons. It is one of those rare trifectas that is entertaining, inspiring, and smart. While this is a good one year-round, it is especially so for fall with its autumn leaves, blazers, and focus on literature. So yes, watch Dead Poets Society for the fifteenth time.


You've Got Mail

Fall is a great time for nostalgia, which means it's time to break out the 90s rom-coms---namely the Meg Ryan filmography. My pick is You've Got Mail because it features all of the things on my mind when the weather starts to change: New York, bookstores, and that famous quote about the freshly sharpened pencils.


Breakfast At Tiffany's

It might not be the most obvious fall movie choice, but there is just something about that blood orange Givenchy coat. There's something about that entire outfit, which has been referred to as "hangover chic". The clothes have a warm elegance about them that is undeniably autumnal. Plus, the party scene should inspire your first fall get-together.


The September Issue

Honestly, I like to watch The September Issue with every chance I get. But, clearly the optimal viewing time is September or October. After paging through this year's issue, re-watch the documentary which shows how it all comes together. 


The Theory of Everything

The critical fact here is that it is partially set at Cambridge. However, The Theory of Everything is a great fall film not just because of its setting and costumes, but because of its academic focus. During my last semester in college, I studied for finals to the Theory soundtrack. Watching it should conjure up those nostalgic back-to-school feelings.



Catherine the Great
Robert K. Massie
A great biography of Russia's longest ruling female leader.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Roald Dahl
As a child, I was obsessed with the descriptions of chickens and cider.

The Sunday Philosophy Club Series
Alexander McCall Smith
Set in Edinburgh, this series features lighthearted mysteries with the absolute coziest titles.

The Secret History
 by Donna Tartt
The immediate go-to.

Old School
Tobias Wolff
A romantic view of New England boarding
schools and literature.

Mud Season
Ellen Stimson
Vermont and muddy roads and
general stores.