5 Podcasts for Your Commute

I wouldn't say that I'm not a morning person. I enjoy most things about the morning, in fact. My problem is physically opening my eyes and getting out of my bed. Once my left foot hits the floor, I am wide awake and ready to go. But getting out of bed requires some coaxing---something to look forward to within the next hour. For me, that's my drive to work. The traffic is not good and the view is not incredibly scenic, but I'm drinking a chocolate protein shake and listening to a podcast so it's enjoyable.

In the morning, I like to listen to podcasts that are informative but mostly entertaining and usually lighthearted. It's the perfect contrast to people slamming on their brakes and cars randomly crashing into traffic signs. 

Whether you're in the car, on the train, or on your feet, here are five podcasts to try out.

Style Scouting

Alia Ahmed-Yahia has worked as an editor for Elle, Glamour, and Style.com in addition to working as Chief Style and Marketing Director for LOFT. Her podcast features interviews with individuals in the world of fashion and art as well as city guides and the occasional entertaining guide. Her personality is super cute and the format of the show is unique, as it is recorded around the city. Hearing all of the ambient sounds of the city really places you there. Recent episodes have included interviews with Gucci Westman, Katie Lee, and Bronson van Wyck.


Everybody knows Leandra, so there's no need for an introduction. I'm currently loving Man Repeller's new podcast Oh Boy, which features the most aptly chosen theme music. According to Leandra and the show's host Jay Buim, the episodes will feature interviews with women in various career roles. So far, I recommend that you check out the episode with Leandra herself as well as Leandra's interview with Stacy London.


This one is hosted by Jena Gambaccini of Chi City Fashion. While only episodes 10-19 are on I-Tunes, you can find the earlier episodes on Jena's blog. I promise that it's worth digging. Typically, the episode starts out with Jena and her guest discussing red carpet style. You can follow along with the photos on her blog, which I think is a fun addition. Then, they'll get into fashion news before discussing things more related to that week's guest. Thus far, my favorite guests have been Rachael Wang, Anna Jane Wisniewski, and Jessie Mash.


This would be a good option for those who have especially long commutes, as episodes typically last 1.5 to 2 hours. Rich Roll is an ultra-athlete and cookbook author whose story is super inspiring. Episodes either consist of Rich and his wife Julie answering listener questions or Rich having a conversation with a guest. Topics range from all forms of health and wellness to entrepreneurship and creativity. My favorite episodes, obviously, are any of the three featuring Casey Neistat.


As of right now, there are only two episodes of the Vogue podcast, the first of which features a conversation between the inimitable Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley. The second is an interview between ALT and Lee Daniels. It seems as though future episodes will feature ALT discussing topics related to fashion and the magazine.