Favorite Street Style Girls

With it being fashion month, I have been scrolling through ungodly amounts of street style for the past few weeks. Since I assume you all have been looking too, I assume you noticed the same thing I did. The looks, for the most part, were pretty out there to the point that there was little inspiration to take away. When I say out there, I mean: long, burgundy, fringed capes and several looks that I can only describe as "droopy". 

It's not like I don't "get" fashion. I've been keeping track of these things literally since I was still watching Rugrats.  I just think that fashion month street style has become kind of hilarious. I recently read a post on Man Repeller that discusses this.

I'm all about being irreverent and kooky and doing your own thing. I just struggle to accept that all the girls being photographed at fashion month are really wearing furry sandals and clashing prints as a representation of their inner self. 

On the other hand, who am I to preach stringent authenticity? The words are contradictory. In the end, if girls are dressing a certain way solely for the sake of being photographed, that's their prerogative. A wise person once said, there is a time to philosophize about burgundy fringe and a time to be photographed wearing matching capes with your best friends.

With all this being said, my personal favorite street style girls are those who look like they put minimal effort into their look. I like a girl who looks like she woke up, put together an outfit in under 30 seconds, then spent the morning reading. I like when someone takes a classic combination--like jeans and a white shirt--and plays with it by trying out a pair of patchwork jeans. Here are a few individuals that I think embody this idea.

Sarah Harris

Caroline Issa

Karlie Kloss

Emmanuelle Alt

Olivia Palermo