What to Watch on Halloween


It's time to get spooky.

Laurence Olivier stars in the classic Hitchcock film based on Daphne du Maurier's novel set in a spooky castle on the coast.

Rear Window
Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly believe they've witnessed a murder from the window of his apartment.

Night of the Hunter
Robert Mitchum is a scary priest who marries a widow then creates a nightmare for her children.

Anthony Perkins and his mother own a the Bates Motel where Janet Leigh meets her demise.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
In this parody, Tucker and Dale cross paths with a group of college kids who mistake the pair for murderous hillbillies when, in reality, they are just two normal, friendly guys who just want to hang out in their cabin.

The Craft
A teen girl moves to Los Angeles and meets a coven of witches at her high school.

Donnie Darko
Boy meets deranged bunny and bad things happen.

Haunted houses and goth Winona Ryder equate to wonderful opportunities for gaining sartorial inspiration.

Spirited Away
Not a typical Halloween choice, but the spooky creatures and beautiful animation make this an appropriate and relaxing choice.

Harry Potter