Black Skinny Pants, 6 Ways

J.Crew Pixie Snap-Front Pant

J.Crew Pixie Snap-Front Pant

I have this pair of skinny black pants from Zara which serve as the foundation of my office wardrobe. Sadly, they're no longer in stock at Zara (at least to my knowledge) and I dread the day that I will be challenged to replace them. Even though you might feel the need to switch it up, good pair of comfortable black skinnies can take you through the whole week. If you're smart with your choices, no one will even notice you've been wearing the same pair five days in a row.

Black Skinnies + White Oxford + Statement Heel + Skinny Scarf

Black Skinnies + Oversized Sweater + Ballet Flats + Tote Bag

Black Skinnies + Black Blouse + Minimalist Jewelry + Camel Coat

Black Skinnies + Long-Sleeve Tee + Long Vest + Ankle Booties

Black Skinnies + White Oxford + Leather Riding Boots + Textured Coat