8 Instagram Feeds for Wellness Inspiration

When you start to get bored of your workout or feel like you should go buy Pop-Tarts because you don't feel like making another macro bowl, it's good to have a selection of fitspo accounts on hand. The point isn't to inspire self-loathing or guilt trip you into going for a run, but to serve as a reminder of how relaxing/fulfilling/fun/energizing it is to have a good workout or eat a really wholesome meal. 

Here are my favorite girls to follow on Instagram for this purpose:

Former NYC Ballet dancer and founder of Ballet Beautiful, Mary Helen Bowers.

Blogger and fitness instructor Lauryn Evarts feels like your internet best friend.

The hype is real.

Fitspo meets fashion.

Beautiful, globally-inspired foodspiration (?)

A great follow for anyone doing Kayla's BBG.

Easy, healthy meals that will look good recreated on your social media.

Really good gym outfit inspiration plus green juices and yoga.