The Five

Usually, this kind of post is reserved for flights of imagination. You'd find Rosie Assoulin gowns, structured Delpozo skirts, and probably some billion dollar coat paired with a ridiculous flatform. This time around, I've gone to the other end of the spectrum--the most practical five items on my wishlist.


This is the kind of shirt you want in every color. They are the most comfortable, well-fitted tees I've found in my lifetime. On mornings that I don't feel like getting dressed, my gray T by Alexander Wang slub-knit is my savior. Not only are they are the closest thing to wearing pajamas to work, but they are cut so that you can achieve the baggy look but still have a shape. I need more. Immediately.


I have these black skinny trousers from Zara which are no longer up on the site. They're super comfortable and have really good recovery. The fabric has some sort of magic that allows them to stretch while you're wearing them, but shrink down as soon as you take them off. I'm on the hunt for a new pair of work trousers that share the same sorcery. 


The LBD is the piece that I've been meaning to get for years but still haven't for some reason. I feel that there is a sort-of pressure to find the right one. I want long-sleeves, preferably with a lower cut neckline, maybe knee-length or a bit higher. Why is there not a startup that allows you to customize your LBD?


This is another Zara dilemma. On a sunny Saturday two summers ago, I got a pair of pointed d'Orsay snakeskin flats from Zara 5th Avenue. I wore them all summer. I wore them on a day that I walked 80+ blocks. I wore them for the next two years, walking to and from campus on cobblestone and they never failed me. Today, I can only wear them if I tape or glue them together multiple times throughout the day. I think they're done, but I desperately need a replacement before I can find the strength to get rid of them. 


This is slightly less practical and very specific, but just as coveted. I want a black Bella Freud sweatshirt with text. Specifically, I want either the Je T'aime Jane or Ginsberg is God. I want to wear this sweatshirt constantly. I'll wear it to sleep. I'll wear it to the grocery store with leggings and Nikes. I'd wear it with boyfriend jeans and sandals. 


BONUS: Alexander Wang Cut-Out Crepe Shorts