Bachelorettes (feat. Ben Higgins)

I said I wouldn't watch this season of The Bachelor. I hated last season so much that I thought I was done. Shoutout to Kaitlyn Bristowe: I'm not your biggest fan but I will give you credit for breaking the rules and doing what you wanted to.

I vowed that I would only watch the first episode for laughs, but then I got wrangled into a new fantasy draft with my cube mates at work. Wrangled might be an overstatement. I think my favorite part about social watching this show is the wonderful nicknames that we all come up with to identify the girls. When you have two seasons a year, that's approximately 50 names to remember. No one has the time for that, especially when four of them are named Lauren. 

Just for fun and sport, I will share my fantasy draft bracket shortly. Right now, there are too many names for it to be concise. In the meantime, here are the nicknames that myself and my "draft league" (kill me for typing that) are using.

Amanda - "Two Daughters"
Amber - "Chris's season"
Becca - N/A
Breanne - "Gluten Free"
Caila - "Catherine 2.0"
Emily - "Twins"
Hailey - "Twins"
Isabel - "Onesie"
Jackie - "Save the Date"
Jami - "Kaitlyn's friend"
Jennifer - "Jennifer" (she was pretty adamant about that)
Jessica - N/A
Jojo - "Unicorn"

Jubilee - "War Veteran"
Lace - N/A
Laura - "Ginger"
LB - N/A
Lauren B. - "Flight Attendant"
Lauren H. - "Hairspray"
Lauren R. - "No Name"
Leah - "Football"
Maegan - "Mini Horse"
Mandi - "Rosehead"
Olivia - "News Anchor"
Rachel - "Hoverboard"
Samantha - "Attorney"
Shushanna - "Tsarina"
Tiara - "Chicken Enthusiast"