10 Ways to Make the Most of Autumn


Decorate your space.
Decorating your home with all of the cozy essentials can often be the best part of the season. Stock up on warmly scented candles, cozy throw blankets, seasonal flowers, and stacks of old books to make your space feel as much like the Gryffindor common room as possible.

Stock your kitchen with seasonal ingredients and dishes.
Try incorporating seasonal produce such as sweet potatoes, apples, pears, bananas, and avocados into your recipes. You can also stock the pantry with some fun things like speculoos, pumpkin butter, and pumpkin spice teas.

Go apple picking and take lots of Instagram photos.
Collect a big basket full of organic apples and bake an apple pie or crumble later that evening. Of course, be sure to wear your coziest fall outfit and take an absurd amount of photos for Instagram because I know that I very much enjoy seeing them.

Wear your coziest outfits.
Quilted vests and waxed jackets, shearling and camel coats, wellies and leather riding boots. Cable knits, turtlenecks, long cardigans, and camp socks. 

Read a stack of autumnal novels.
Set yourself up with a warm drink, cozy blanket, and a stack of timely novels like the ones I recommended here

Go for a morning or afternoon hike.
Enjoy the perfectly crisp and sunny days by finding a good trail nearby and taking a hike with a friend. Pack a brie and apple sandwich, an apple, and a big water bottle then spend a few hours in the woods. 

Brainstorm a new winter project.
One of the best things to do each winter is start a long-term project. It's often too cold to spend time outdoors and too dark by the end of the day to do much of anything outside the house. Before winter arrives, decide what project you'll take on and use this time to prep. Projects could be anything---writing a short story, cooking through a whole recipe book, planning an upcoming vacation, starting to learn a new language, doing a 30-day art challenge, etc. 

Host a marathon of fall films.
There are so many great fall films out there that you will be in no shortage of selections. Line up two or three to watch over a weekend and make sure you have good snacks on hand. 

Bake an indulgent dessert.
Really go for it and make a beautiful, indulgent dessert to enjoy. Find some ideas here if you don't have one in mind. I follow the 80/20 mentality and find that if you let yourself indulge in the treats you really want and enjoy, you will be less tempted by all of the sub-par sweets that pop up throughout the holiday season.

Book a seasonal spa treatment.
Around this time, most spas will offer a fun, seasonal treatment that you should take advantage of. In the fall, it could be something like a pumpkin enzyme body scrub, apple cider massage, or even a caramel-apple body wrap.