10 Ways to Make the Most of Winter

Take a morning walk in the snow with a warm drink.
Take advantage of the clean smell of snowy mornings by going for a walk outdoors with a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. You could probably get away with wearing a pair of tartan pajamas, too.

Read books that are set in winter or cold destinations. 
There are so many to choose from! I gravitate toward classics like Jane Eyre and Anna Karenina but anything involving snow, mysteries, jazz, or boarding schools will work.

Make warm meals in the slow cooker.
While I don't currently own a slow cooker, I envy those who do because of how simple it is to make easy, warm meals without much effort. My mom makes a vegetarian chili similar to this one that is great over tortilla chips with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, greek yogurt, and cheddar.

Sip on a hot toddy.
There's something kind of nice and vintage about drinking a hot toddy when you have a cold---I have vivid memories relating to this. Whether or not you're sick, the mixture of whiskey, lemon juice, and honey is perfect for cold days. You can even add some ginger for an extra kick.

Get active outdoors and receive beautiful rosy cheeks in return.
Whether you go for a run, sledding, skiing, or even just a good snow frolic, any activity outside in the snow has a way of leaving you feeling refreshed. Plus, you get those perfect flushed cheeks as an added benefit.

Have a long soak in a luxurious bath.
After you've spent the day outside, a long soak in the bath will be well deserved. Fill the bath with a homemade blend of coconut oil, almond milk, baking soda, and essential oil or use a pre-packaged soak like one from Fig + Yarrow or Pursoma.

Book a hot stone massage.
To relieve stiff, cold-weather muscles and all of the tension that has built up in your body over the past year, book yourself a hot stone massage and splurge for an 80-minute session if you can.

Watch Christmas films with a hot drink and a snack tray.
Invite your friends over for a casual movie marathon. Watch classic black-and-white films like The Shop Around the Corner, modern classics such as Home Alone, cheesy Hallmark movies, or some combination of every kind. Set up an easy hot drink station with candy canes and offer a simple snack tray or bags of popcorn.

Attend a holiday festival.
Find a festival being held nearby and dress up in a cute sweater and boots to attend. If you're in New York, go for the Winter Village at Bryant Park or go all out and attend a classic Christmas Market in Austria.

Host a holiday party, big or small.
This can go so many ways. It could be an elegant cocktail party with champagne, a cozy cookie swap party with ugly sweaters, or a picturesque get-together in the spirit of KJP and Sarah Vickers.