Where to Relax in New York

Despite all its magic, you can easily reach a point of exhaustion in New York. It's that moment when you just want to sit somewhere for an hour or two without disruption and not feel like you're being rushed along. For the times when you need a bit of space, I recommend the five following locations to relax.

Housing Works
As obsessed as I may be with The Strand, it isn't the greatest place to relax. However, Housing Works Bookstore in Soho is that place. The store is cozy with Harry Potter-esque spiral stairwells and a little coffee shop in the back. There is a good selection of tables and chairs, so you can post up and actually read a book for awhile. 

Le Pain Quotidien
Convenient considering its many locations, Le Pain Quotidien bakeries are great for lingering with a cup of a cider or cafe au lait and a vegan pastry. You can choose to sit at a communal or private table and have plenty of space to stretch out. The Flatiron location is one of my favorites because of outdoor seating on the second floor.

The Ace Hotel Lobby
A favorite of mine especially for working on the blog or other projects, The Ace Hotel lobby is somewhere I often take refuge. There is a Stumptown coffee shop in the front and tons of comfy chairs and couches plus a photo booth, bar, restaurant, and clean bathrooms which can be hard to find. It can get busy here, but everyone tends to be very chill so you don't feel any sort of pressure.

Union Square Park & Madison Square Park
I love visiting these smaller parks at just about any time during the day. Even when they are crowded, it's usually not hard to find a place to sit and relax outdoors. Union Square Park has the benefit of being close to many cafes and juice places while Madison Square Park has a dog run. 

Aire Ancient Baths
For deep relaxation, head to Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca where you will feel like you're actually somewhere in the Ottoman Empire. You can spend the day here, rotating between several pools including a salt bath or book a private bath and massage.