New York Packing List

The Packing List

Casual Dress
Night Dress
Ballet Flats
Statement Flats
Athletic Shoe
Ankle Boot

Favorite Blouse
White T-Shirt
Black Leggings
Skinny Jeans
Simple Skirt


Packing for travel can be difficult for many. Over-packing is hard to avoid because you never know when you might need that one item you left behind. I've come up with a simple formula that works for trips to just about any remotely metropolitan city. Use the vague packing list above and adapt it to your personal style and your destination.

A jacket for New York in the fall will likely be quite different than a jacket for Paris in the summer. Ankle boots for London will probably have a different look than ankle boots for Austin. Scarves are always changing seasonally and dresses make such a statement that it's all up to your personal style. You get the idea!

The main thing is to focus on mixing and matching your looks, thinking ahead, utilizing pieces that work for many different situations, and using shoes and accessories to add personality to your neutral basics. 

Packing light really does make things easier, so try to think of packing as creating a capsule wardrobe for the season, activities, and your destination instead of packing everything you own just in case.