What to Wear: Halloween

Photo via  Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

In theory, I love Halloween---mostly because it's part of the autumn season and because I have a thing for gothic-inspired accessories (see for inspiration: Grimes). A lovely pair of patent, lug-sole flatforms really do the trick when you want to feel a little bit cooler. So, yes, Halloween is a always a good time in theory but in recent years, I never end up doing much! However, I like to have a few easy, relatively fashion-centric costume ideas in my arsenal. Here are a few ideas for this year that use pieces you may already own.

Goth Pilgrim

This is one way to highlight all of the great Victoriana pieces that we're seeing everywhere.

Eleven from Stranger Things

Timely, relevant, and super easy.

Chic Bunny

If you have a fuzzy sweater, all you need is a pair of lace bunny ears.