Personal Goals for a Reluctant Goal-Setter

Considering that I am a female INTJ with a Type-A personality, one would think that I love to set and achieve goals. INTJs are often regarded as The Architect because of our "relentless intellectualism and chess-like maneuvering" however we are also known for living by contradictions, so here's one of mine:

I hate goal-setting. I have a vision for what I want the big picture of my life to be, but I dislike thinking too far into the future and feel aggressively averse to plotting out the steps because I find that it stifles my creativity and induces anxiety. My three dominant personality types as determined by self-reflection as well as the A/B Personality Test, Myers-Briggs, and Gretchen Rubin's Four Categories of Personality are an interesting mix. 

INTJ pairs well with Rebel because according to the Myers-Briggs, rules and limitations are an abomination to my personality type. Rebel and Type A are a good mix for taking risks in order to reap the rewards. Type A and INTJ are related in that they both involve thinking and managing. 

A chart for your consideration.

A chart for your consideration.

Bearing all of this in mind, detailed goal-setting goes against my nature. I usually avoid it like the plague. But I've decided to set a few goals just to challenge myself to do it, which makes perfect sense if you think about the claims I've just made.

These goals have no timelines or deadlines, but rather just contribute to the bigger picture:

Continue saving 10% of monthly take-home income.
I've been doing this successfully thus far and would like to continue, although it can be difficult when things like this exist. However, once my money goes into savings it no longer exists for use in my mind, so if I just keep putting in my 10% I will be good to go.

Work on coding skills.
I specifically want to work on learning PHP and Ruby which, to be honest, sound like things that might be slipped into your drink at a party. I've been working on Codecademy for awhile now and want to strengthen my language skills. 

Dig deeper into corporate finance.
In college, my finance classes were taught in such a way that I simply could not grasp the concepts. In typical fashion, my interest in the topic was sparked less than a year after graduating and now that I am able to look at it from a different perspective, I want to jump back in.

Complete the 50 book challenge.
I wrote about the challenge when I started at the beginning of the year and am slowly making progress. Every year, I try it and fail but this year I'm determined. 

Find recipes that appeal to me and cook them more often.
I have a weird appetite. I don't go hungry easily and when I am hungry, the food available all sounds unappealing. I compensate for this by drinking a lot of juices and smoothies because they are always palatable. Of course, things like gratin dauphinois and PopTarts sound good to me but, clearly, I can't survive on those things alone. My goal is to create an arsenal of go-to recipes that I can refer to during the times that nothing sounds appealing.

Keep up my fitness program.
I genuinely enjoy my workouts but have often found that I am easily bored. One week, I'll be really into kickboxing and the next I want to run and the next I don't want to do anything except Ballet Beautiful. A few weeks ago, I started doing Kayla Itsines' program and have really been enjoying it. I think I've found a routine that I want to stick to for awhile!

Find the right way to express myself creatively.
I've been a writer my entire life and always assumed that writing was the one true method of creative expression for me. In recent years though, I've been suffering from a really bad bout of chronic writer's block when it comes to longform work. I have characters and ideas, but I just have trouble expressing those ideas through writing. In a perfect world, I would tell stories through filmmaking. My goal is to find an accessible way to be creative and tell the story I've got going in my mind.