My Opposing Viewpoints

AKA: Things I Like That Most People Hate & Things I Hate That Most People Like

I must start by warning you. This post gets heated. My defense of things I like is rather tame, however I don't hate many things so the things I do hate are hated with a passion. 

Olivia Caridi (from The Bachelor Season 20)
I felt bad that the producers of the show were clearly manipulating her and editing the scenes to make poor crazy look crazier than she likely was. I thought she was clever and that much of her humor was misconstrued. Olivia, we can be friends. 

Skins Series 5-6
This is probably my most unpopular opinion. While I agree that nothing beats the first two series of Skins (first original cast), I genuinely enjoyed series five and six (with the third cast). I liked that the characters were tied to more distinct social groups as opposed to the sort of gray area seen in the first two casts. I liked that they ventured out of England for the Morocco episodes. Plus, Grace and Rich are everything.

The Airport
I often hear of people who hate the airport, spilling their woes about how awful everything is. I'm on the other end of the spectrum, where my fondness for the airport is excessive. I feel very at home in airports! You dress to impress, get a green juice and hummus with pretzels, then sit down to read for as long as you want. You board the plane and have X amount of time in isolation where all you have to do is listen to podcasts and throw on a sheet mask. What's not to love?

Green Juice
With the abundant presence of models and wellness bloggers we see on the internet, you'd think that green juice is a universally accepted thing. I'm here to tell you that it isn't and that I get confused looks anytime I suggest having a juice with or for lunch. For me, it's not even about the trend or whatever. I sincerely adore them. They taste like heaven on earth to me and satiate my appetite without leaving me feeling disgusting.

God almighty, spare me. I don't want to hear about Frozen, I don't want to pay actual money to stand in line in the pits of hell for hours. Honestly, I wouldn't go even if there were no lines. Beyond the age of 12, I truly don't understand the appeal. Although when I was 12, I still didn't care because I would have rather just watched the Marc Jacobs show. I have promised myself to abstain my future children from Disney because, yes, I'm a monster and would rather them travel to Moscow and experience real life.

U.S. Football
Get out of my life. As a resident TED Talker, I will be the first to loudly reference Malcolm Gladwell's football rant at the Thanksgiving gathering. For someone who currently lives in arguably one of the most football-crazed cities in the country, I have an unfortunately strong aversion to the sport for a number of reasons. It's boring, it's hyper-commercialized, and it's quite barbaric. Give me my English Premier league. Arsenal forever.

House of Cards
This was unexpected. I have loved every political show I've watched (The West Wing, Madam Secretary, Veep, The Good Wife, Homeland, etc.) and obviously I loved Gossip Girl, so I thought that House of Cards would be a good mix. But, this show. I watched half of season one and honestly hated every minute of it. I cannot adequately articulate why I hate it so much but it has a lot to do with Kate Mara's character.

It took strength and persistence to even find a photo of pickles that I could put on my blog without feeling ill. Pickles are a relatively disliked food, but then there are people in the world who love them fervently. I hate everything about pickles and I never want to think about the concept of a sweet pickle. There was only one historical exception to my pickle hatred. My dad once made a batch of homemade pickles that tasted more like briny dill cucumbers, which I was okay with. 

What are some things that you like that other people seem to dislike? What are a few things that you detest that everyone around you is fond of?