Spring Cleaning: Wellness

Spring is beginning to arrive which means our legs can see the light of day and we can air out our dusty, winter apartments. For me, spring cleaning is tackled with a two-prong approach focusing first on wellness and second on the wardrobe. Yes, of course there is the house cleaning bit but you can go to Martha Stewart for that. This post will be dedicated solely to the wellness facet, but you can expect Part Two to follow shortly.

1. Start with a juice cleanse.
The best way to start fresh for any season is with a detox cleanse. Have a juice cleanse delivered to your door from Blueprint, Urban Remedy, or Pressed Juicery. If you have the time, save money by creating your own cleanse at home using online tips and recipes. If you have any specific health concerns, I recommend consulting with a reputable doctor before starting any cleanse that lasts more than a day. Keep in mind that your caloric intake will be lower than normal on cleanse days and thus, you may need to adjust your workouts accordingly.

2. Evaluate your workout plan.
During your cleanse, start thinking about your wellness goals and how they fit in with your current workout situation. Spring cleaning is all about renewal, so it may be the perfect time to start a new routine or program. To make things easy, pick a program like Kayla Itsines' BBG program which comes with its own schedule. Or customize your own schedule with various workouts dependent on your goal.

The best approach is to work two major muscle groups in a day and then have at least one day for full body. A good example of this is the BBG 1 program which has Legs & Cardio on Monday, Arms & Abs on Wednesday, Full Body on Friday, LISS workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, then stretching on Saturday. 

3. Clean out your kitchen
Throw away the wilted kale in the back of the fridge, purge your cabinets of stale crackers, and refresh your pantry essentials as needed. Pretend that you're going out of town for a week---finish what you can and throw away what you can't until your food supply is depleted. This will allow you to start from scratch which is a big help for getting on track nutritionally. 

4. Throw away old makeup and expired skincare products.
Once the kitchen is purged, head into the bathroom with a trash bag. Fill it with the empties (even though you can't bear to part with its pretty packaging), any makeup or skincare that has expired, and all of those old subscription box samples you never used. 

5. Have a sage burning ceremony.
Once you've cleared the old physical things from your space, consider cleansing the energy with a sage burning ceremony. It may sound a little crazy, but it can really improve your spirit and the vibe of your home. You can even grow your own white sage at home.

6. Take a detox bath.
Your space should now be filled with positive, clean energy so the next step is to return the focus to your physical self. Start with a detox bath using Epsom salts, bentonite clay, essential oils, or the floral milk bath from Fig & Yarrow.

7. Use a face mask.
Renew your skin with a good face mask. The kind of mask depends on preference and concerns and each kind requires a slightly different process. This trio of Peter Thomas Roth gel masks are good for different skin concerns and are the least messy. You can slather them on and go about your day or you can even sleep wearing some (the cucumber gel mask is great for this). Mud/Clay masks are great for drawing out impurities but often result in stiff, tight skin. The best way to use a mud/clay mask is in the shower or bath so that your skin remains moisturized. The ever popular sheet mask is the messiest to deal with, but best used while relaxing in bed because they are so slippery in nature. There is a sheet mask for nearly every concern, ranging from acne to dry skin.

8. Tame your hair.
Book an appointment for a haircut and the brow treatment of your preference. Even if you are maintaining the same hairstyle, have the ends trimmed and the layers shaped to perfection. For brows, I've always had the best luck with Aveda salons because their estheticians know the trends and aren't prone to over-waxing. If you want to do your Boy Brow justice, you have to start with a good shape.

9. Book a massage.
If your salon is also a spa, you're in luck. If not, be sure to make time for a good massage another day. While it may seem like a luxury, massage is so beneficial that they are sometimes covered under health insurance in countries like Germany. In lieu of a traditional spa massage, you may consider a chiropractic adjustment.

10. Treat yourself to new workout clothes.
Out with the old, in with the new. Now that your body is refreshed and your new workout plan is ready, garner some motivation with a new gym outfit or even just one new piece from the Net-a-Sporter shop or Fabletics.