How to Wear Your Workout Clothes Everyday

I read last week on Man Repeller that capris and knee-cap leggings are the new thing.  Leandra referred to one of her own outfits--knee cap leggings with lace-up sandals, which actually sounds rather cool. Gladiator sandals are everywhere now and they remind me of the good old days in high school when I wore my favorite pair of black gladiators *~before they were cool~*.  In the same piece, Leandra pointed out that athletic half-zip pullovers might be a new thing which made me think that it would be cool to put together this little post.

Since the athleisure trend is becoming even more literal, we can all shop our gym clothes drawer for new outfit ideas:

Bohemian Blouse + Capri Leggings + Gladiator Sandals

The idea that started it all. I like the idea of deliberately pairing a non-athletic shoe with leggings. For good measure, pair this with an equally non-athletic top.

Sports Bra + High Waist Skirt

For this concept, a sports bra replaces the crop top. Pair it with a loose-fitting, high-waisted skirt and a casual shoe.

This is probably the easiest outfit to wear and the most translatable to everyday life. Pair a silk camisole with your favorite running shorts. Throw on a leather jacket to elevate the look from lounge wear to street style.

Replace your everyday sweater with  half-zip fleece or baselayer. Pair this with elevated basics like this suede skirt from J.Crew and long, striped cardigan from Maje. Just think, anything you would wear with a cashmere sweater can be worn with a half-zip.