What to Wear on Casual Friday

The girls in my office had a discussion recently and decided that Casual Friday is a weird thing. Yes, you can wear jeans but that's really the only spoken guideline. Can you wear Lululemon leggings? Can you wear a t-shirt and flip flops with said jeans? If you're not into jeans, what are your other options? Is a sundress appropriate? I don't have the answers, so I guess if you care you should ask your HR before taking my advice but I'm just making up my own rules as I go along. 

When I interned at Unilever, I got away with wearing a denim jacket and dress during the week. I'm not sure if that was because of the office culture or because of the intern culture, but most days there were casual so Friday was never entirely different. At my current job, the dress code is not as lax, but there are rarely any full-on suits in sight especially since the other half of our office floor is mostly made up of tech guys. 

With all of the written and unwritten rules of office outfit decorum, it can be hard to know what lines you can and cannot cross on Casual Friday. However, here are some ideas.

Look 1

If you still want or need to look put together on Friday, the very French blazer-jeans combination is your go-to. Go for a light color---neutral camel or white---rather than workweek black because it's almost the weekend! Go for a dark-wash denim and comfortable pointed flat (bonus points for printed or metallic). Your choice in top can be used to define your personality because the shell of this look is fairly basic. White t-shirt, oxford button-down, silk camisole, plaid shirt---pick one!

Look 2

Celebrate the weekend with a Gypset-Hamptons mashup of bohemian blouse versus leather loafer paired with your favorite jeans. If you're a little less Gypset and a little more Hamptons, replace the boho top with a structured yet broken-in button down. If you're a little less Hamptons and a little more Gypset, try a lace-up flat. However, I think the sweet spot is right in the middle.

Look 3

The idea for this post came from an outfit I wore last Friday which was the most comfortable, cozy look of my life. I wore my college sweatshirt (sleeves rolled up a bit) with the softest black skirt, sheer black tights, and black ballet flats. The formality of the bottom half balanced well with the laziness of the top half to create the perfect carefree look.