4 Podcasts to Add to Your Subscriptions

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
This is a great podcast for anyone interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. I have a slight Silicon Valley obsession so, considering this podcast comes out of Stanford, I knew it would be right up my alley. Each episode consists lectures and interviews featuring impressive guests such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and various VCs.
Must-Listen Episodes: Brit Morin of Brit + Co, Tina Wells of Buzz Marketing

Off Camera
Photographer Sam Jones sits down with celebrities for candid, intriguing interviews. His interviewing style is of a quality comparable to that of Terry Gross, which is high praise. As a photographer, he clearly has the ability to make his interview subjects comfortable which results in inspiring, insightful conversations.
Must-Listen Episodes: Ethan Hawke, Jake Gyllenhaal, Cindy Crawford

The Dinner Party Download
Each episode is setup like a dinner party, beginning with an interesting topic of conversation to use as an icebreaker. A musician curates their ideal dinner party playlist, complete with fun descriptions of the actual party in their head (my personal favorite being the one described by Raury in Episode 325). Other fun things include a themed cocktail based on an historical event and interviews with each week's guest of honor.
Must-Listen Episodes: Episode 325 (Brie Larson, Gloria Steinem, Raury)

You Must Remember This
I'm new to this podcast and, so far, it's interesting! Each episode recalls a famous event in Hollywood history. Rather than simply describing the facts, the host digs deeper into these events and the lives of the people surrounding them.
Must-Listen Episodes: Episode 22 (Audrey Hepburn)