3 YouTube Videos

I've mentioned before that YouTube is slowly (or quickly) taking over my life with regards to entertainment consumption. It's way better than traditional television in most cases, if you ask me, because you're able to program it to only play content that is specifically tailored for your tastes. Here are three great videos that I've seen recently.

This is the first video in a series which highlights this year's CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund. I highly recommend that you watch the whole series (even if you already know who wins) because it's amazing to see the creativity and work that goes into creating a fashion brand.

Ever since I first watched this video, I craved the Green Goddess Grain Bowl. I made my first one almost two weeks ago and have been eating it almost everyday without getting sick of it. For me, that's practically a miracle.

I always enjoy Rachel's relaxing videos, but this one was especially good since the weather here has suddenly turned freezing. Over the weekend, I made the tea latte and bath milk and can vouch that they were both amazing.