Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe

There comes a point when each of us faces a styling rut and I'm confident that this aligns with the seasons. During winter, you are doing your best to stay as warm as possible and might end up wearing the same outfit combination day in, day out. We previously discussed cleaning up your wellness routine, but spring can also be a great time for a closet purge.  

1. Create the right playlist.
You will need a good mix of upbeat energy and relaxing, modern zen songs. The right blend might consist of Justin Bieber's new album, Tycho, The 1975,  DMX, Shostakovich, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift (for singalongs). Nothing will make this process go by faster than karaoke-ing "What Do You Mean?" two hundred times.

2. Organize your space (decide what goes where).
Decide upon the best spot in your house for the purge to take place. Let's say it's your bedroom. You will need to designate where your piles will be. Use one side of the room for the  pieces you keep and one side for pieces you will discard.

3. Identify your favorite/priority pieces and set them aside.
First things first, pull your favorite items---the key pieces that you wear multiple times a week. This could be your favorite pair of jeans or your statement coat. Set aside the pieces that are obvious "Keep" items.

4. Choose which items to discard.
For the remaining items, use a few rules to determine which pieces to discard. If you haven't worn it in a year and it is not a sentimental piece, discard. If it doesn't fit, discard. If it is out of line with your wardrobe goals, discard. And so on.

5. Sort your discard pile into Trash, Donate, or Sell
Focus your attention now on the discard pile, which should be organized into three categories. Trash any items with holes, stains, and other irreparable damage. Donate items that are gently worn but may be out of style or off brand. Sell pieces that are still in good taste and quality but that are not necessarily your style. Some great places to sell clothing online are Tradesy, Poshmark, and Vaunte.

6. Create a strategy for new purchases.
Now that you've sorted through your belongings, you have the perfect vantage point for determining a strategy moving forward. What themes can you find in the items you are discarding? Did you have an abundance of threadbare items? Or, maybe you realized a habit of impulse buying. If you can't figure it out, try Into Mind's Wardrobe Diagnostic test. Take these findings and translate them into goals for future purchases. 

7. Take inventory.
Remove the discard piles from the space and take inventory of what remains before refilling your closet and dresser drawers. This will help you to find gaps that might need to be filled or it may inspire new outfit pairings.

8. Shop your closet.
Once you determine exactly what you're working with, you may be surprised by all of the great things you already own! Put your styling skills to use by writing down, sketching out, or photographing new outfit ideas as well as your tried-and-true combinations. 

9. Install new methods of organization.
Decide how you want to organize your closet. Ultimately, what will make it easier for you to put together an outfit in the morning? Is your closet divided by layer (tops, bottoms, dresses) or by style (bohemian, edgy, preppy, minimalist)? You may think your default organization method may be best, but a switch may actually help! Organizing your pieces by style rather than layer could actually be the key to smart styling.

10. Refill your closet.
The final step is to take what you've learned and implement it. Refill your closet according to your chosen method of organization and, going forward, remember that your styling rut can be fixed by a simple closet purge.