What Is Minimalist Bohemian?

I've never been one for floral dresses and crowns, but I was known to rock a peasant blouse in elementary school and an Andrew Vanwyngarden inspired headscarf in high school. Now, I have this new obsession with Julia Chaplin's gypset lifestyle thing. I'm still not into the crazy floral dresses, so I've developed this idea that what I'm interested in can be called "minimalist bohemian". 

It's all about white caftan dresses, raffia tote bags from beach to street, perpetually messy hair, leather sandals, sage ceremonies, and chanting meditation. To achieve the look, you take a bohemian silhouette and replace the orangey-reds with blush/nude, black, and white. Throw on a few pieces of jewelry from the farmer's market or vintage shop. In the city, gladiator sandals and Birkenstocks. On the beach, no shoes. 

Interiors are comprised of neutral furniture paired with global textures and art objects. There are lots of books, candles, smudge sticks, and apothecary jars filled with dry ingredients for the kitchen.

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To translate the minimalist bohemian look from the beach to your everyday life, pair a boho dress or top with a structured jacket and clean denim.