5 Comfortable Outfits for Work

Here are some ideas for those mornings when you just don't feel like wearing real clothes.

Striped cotton dress with pointed sneakers

This is one of my favorite outfits to wear to work on days that I feel like staying in my pajamas. I put on a loose-fitting, comfortable striped t-shirt dress with my pointed, cap-toe sneakers and either do a braid crown or create messy beach waves. This look is super casual and goes well with a simple red lip.

Black leggings, fitted tank top, long cardigan coat, pointed lace-up flats

 I like to think of this as my ballet-inspired pairing. Choose a pair of black leggings, making sure that the fabric is high quality and thick. Betabrand makes great legging-inspired pants if the thought of wearing real leggings to work scares you. Pair the leggings with a fitted tank top---could be black, white, gray, or striped but I prefer black personally. To keep warm and cozy, add a long cardigan in a neutral tone or print. Finish with a pair of lace-up flats for the perfect ballet look.

Black leggings, white oversized poplin shirt, long sleeveless sweater, black ankle boots

Another way to pull off leggings at work is with a crisp, oversized poplin shirt. The "oversized" descriptor is important here as the shirt should be long enough to cover the top of the leggings. You can stop the layering here to keep things simple or add a sleeveless sweater for more interest. Top it all off with clean, black ankle boots for a polished look.

Lightweight sweater, black mini-skirt, black tights, black loafers

This is another go-to for me. Pair a lightweight sweater with a comfortable, soft black mini skirt and black leggings. You could complete the look with any black shoe---ballet flats, flatforms, ankle boots---but I like the idea of a shiny black loafer for a French-inspired concept.

Denim jacket, black crepe dress, feminine shoe, cashmere scarf

Put on your favorite lightweight, black crepe or cotton dress underneath a denim jacket for a simple, casual Friday jeans alternative. Pair this with a feminine shoe like these blush espadrille wedges and a cashmere scarf to pull the colors together and keep you warm if your office is cold.