A Wish List for a Dreary Monday

I don't know if it is that an astrological phenomenon is besetting us, but this Monday has been particularly dreary. After a brief appearance, the sun has vanished again and all night I had bad dreams which have left me feeling pretty grumpy today. Upon waking, I thought that watching a Casey Neistat vlog would cheer me up and help jump start the bad dream recovery process. It did help for a bit, but was not enough to sustain throughout the morning. I fear that I will have to break out the big guns later. 

For now, I'm browsing clothes and eating Karlie's Kookies after a brief desk break spent staring longingly out a window at a group of ducks and geese (against the backdrop of a gray sky) doing somersaults in the pond AKA the hallmark of a damn dreary day. 

Back to the clothes browsing. There are currently five things making the day less drowsy. The first are the photos from the Cambridge family ski trip. The second, third, fourth, and fifth are the following pieces:

Clean, white front-knotted top under $75
Thank you. Thank you, God.

Black cotton-gauze tasseled boho mini-dress
Apiece Apart
To be worn with basic leather sandals and minimalist jewelry.

Black off-shoulder blouse with split sides
Modern Citizen
For jeans and every kind of shoe.

Raffia and pom-pom Turkish slippers
Sanayi 313
Because they strike the perfect balance between traditional craftsmanship and zany gypset.