What's In My Travel Bag?


As I packed for my flight today, I took a few photos so that I could share what I keep in my travel bag. To clarify, I pack the following items in a large leather tote bag (similar size) and everything else goes into my rolling luggage, which I also carry on the flight.

Beauty Bag
I used my large Truffle Clarity Pouch to store all of the essential beauty items that I will need on my flight. I also stored my Anastasia Glow Kit here so that it won't be crushed in my suitcase. All other makeup and products are stored away in my luggage. In the pouch, I have my favorite face mist, the Caudalie Beauty Elixir for a quick refresh. Instead of bringing a full-size moisturizer, I have Caudalie's Premier Cru The Elixir which is a dry oil serum that will provide quick moisture. I'm also carrying an Elizabeth + James White Nirvana rollerball for obvious reasons. For longer flights, I would add a good under-eye mask to keep your face fresh and energized (without frightening the other passengers). 

My small Truffle Clarity Pouch is used to store all of the necessities. Most importantly, it holds my passport, IDs, and boarding pass. Aside from that, I like to use the small pouch to carry headphones and my iPhone charger. On a long trip, I would also store a battery bank and any additional important documents. 

A few other items in my bag are a book (I'm reading a Louise Penny book on this particular flight), magazine (this month's Marie Claire), agenda, sunglasses, my house/car keys, and my wallet. Additionally, I like to pack a pair of J.Crew Camp Socks to slip on during the flight. As for snacks, pack something healthy from a store like Sakara Life or Whole Foods. For this trip, I'm taking my favorite Dang Toasted Coconut Chips, but a few other options include popcorn, apple slices, watermelon jerky, and roasted chickpeas.


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