5 Cold Weather Workouts

Gentle Pilates
During the colder months, it can be hard to garner the motivation to workout. After work, it can be too cold and too dark to safely and comfortably go out for a run and the darkness can even make you feel resistant to an indoor workout at home. The cure for this is an on-demand, relaxing pilates routine---the kind that feels more like a treat than a chore. Not only will you get a quick workout in, but you will also feel more relaxed and able to get a good night's sleep.
TRY: Jenny Mustard's Relaxing Pilates Workout

Bikram Yoga
I absolutely love the feeling of leaving the hot yoga studio on a cold night. You immediately feel refreshed and as though your lungs magically function better. Bikram classes are held in a room with temperatures set to about 105 degrees with 40% added humidity. The classes go through a cycle of 26 poses which are fairly easy, but the process is made more difficult because of the heat. It sounds gross, but my friends and I agree that the sweat you produce during a hot yoga class feels oddly clean and refreshing.
TRY: See if your gym offers bikram classes or if a local studio is offering a month-long trial program. 

Ballet Workouts
To me, ballet always evokes the spirit of winter which makes it a great option for a cold weather workout. If you're looking for something that's similar to a regular fitness class, try a barre class or any method that combines ballet with pilates. If you're looking for something more tradition and focused on graceful precision, I recommend Mary Helen Bowers' Ballet Beautiful series, joining an adult ballet class, or simply following along with a warm-up on YouTube.
TRY: Ballet Beautiful Classic 60-minute Workout or Royal Ballet Daily Class

Playing Outside
A super easy way to get in a workout without even noticing is to go outside and play in the snow. If you have the time, you could go skiing or if you only have an hour try sledding, snowball fights, and just general frolicking. This really is the ultimate winter workout.

Tone It Up
If you want to forget it's winter, draw your curtains and do a Tone It Up workout in your living room. Most of their workouts are set on the beach and involve cute outfits, so it can serve as a good distraction when you're ready for winter to be over.
TRY: Slay with K + K