Grocery Market Haul

I always enjoy reading about what others buy at the grocery store. After watching this video on Shay Mitchell's YouTube channel, I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and share a few photos from my Saturday shopping trip to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. The contents of this haul will likely last from this past Saturday until next Wednesday, the 11th when I leave for a long weekend trip. During that time, I'll probably only need to go to the store to restock my bananas, apples, and almond milk.


Starting with produce, I like to load up on lemons and limes to put in my water. I bought a knob of ginger for the same purpose and for cooking. Each grocery trip, I buy a bag of apples and a bunch of bananas which I go through very quickly. I also like to get a cucumber to slice up for infused water or just a snack. I bought two cans of garbanzo beans for roasting and using as a salad topping. Outside of the produce realm, I got a box of crispy cereal to eat with honey and bananas. Finally, I got a really pretty spring bouquet of flower for my table.


Next, I bought two big bags of spinach and chopped romaine lettuce for salads, a bag of baby carrots, and a head of cauliflower which I plan on roasting. There is a carton of full fat plain yogurt which I like to use to make granola or put in smoothies. I bought a wedge of brie and a ciabatta baguette for mini lunch sandwiches and a carton of organic, brown, cage-free eggs for hard-boiling and scrambling with the brie. I got a large carton of raspberries to put in my yogurt and porridge as well as a few bags of frozen fruit and a bottle of carrot juice for smoothies. Not pictured here are two other purchases---freshly ground peanut butter from Whole Foods and a jar of almond butter.


Finally, I have a carton of coconut almond milk (delicious), plain coconut water, and watermelon raspberry coconut water for smoothies. I also have a bottle of bee pollen which is great for smoothies or on its own. I bought Nature's Path chocolate and red berry granola for my yogurt and a bag of the most delicious snack ever---Dang's Coconut Chips. It's just toasted coconut with cane sugar and salt! Next, I got a box of frozen veggie potstickers. I have to say that the Whole Foods variety are better the next day and that I prefer the brand from Trader Joe's. I also bought a carton of firm tofu, which I will use to make sliced tofu bacon and a bag of bulk bin amaranth for porridge. 

What items are on your shopping list? Do you love watching grocery hauls as much as I do?