My Dream House

While I was reorganizing some Pinterest boards the other day, I had the idea to create a "Dream House" board which would serve as a compilation of favorite elements from my other design boards which are organized by room. It was a pretty fun project, so I figured it deserved a blog post. I highly recommend this project for anyone who is taking a sick day or having a slow weekend because it passes the time and is quite relaxing.

It was hard to choose an exterior photo because I like many different architectural styles. But if I had to choose just one for my dream home, the house would be a white brick tudor with a modern, steel front door and topiaries.


The entry way would be fairly simple with a piece of artwork, hardwood floors, and white walls with architectural detail. The overall feel of the interior decor is warm yet clean, historic with modern details, and filled with contrasting artwork (think Rembrandt juxtaposed with Gutai). The color scheme is white, caramel, black, grey, and blush pink.

Living Room

The living room would be light-filled with comfortable off-white furniture, textured throw blankets and pillows, antique mirrors, and contemporary wall art. I would choose gauzy curtains and feature lots of flowers and coffee table books.


The kitchen would be bright and ultra-feminine---white marble countertops, gold fixtures, fresh flowers, and unique details with functionality like a built-in ice bucket for champagne. The cabinets would be stocked with pieces from Le Creuset, Mud Australia, and vintage pieces.


I'm often drawn to very old-fashioned dining rooms which harken back to traditional Colonial design. I would want old plank floors, white architecturally detailed walls, a fireplace, and a simple wood table with white plates and French country chairs. There would be candlesticks everywhere to create an 1800s vibe.


The bedroom would balance feminine and masculine decor with the main focus being on creating a cozy space. White bedding is a must, as are fur throws and textured seating. There would be a sleek, white side table with fresh white flowers and more coffee table books. For artwork, I would lean toward masculine by pairing simple black-and-white illustrations with old portraits.


The theme of "clean and white" would continue in the bathroom where subway tile is my number one priority. There would be a huge tub with gold or brass fixtures, a rain shower, a fluffy robe and plenty of space for beauty products.

Kids Rooms

Regardless of gender, children's rooms would have fairytale vibes.

Guest Space

Essentially, Julia Engel's guest room is my dream. I would like for a guest room to have the same feel as the rest of the house, but have a few elements that make it feel a bit different and special.

Office / Library

The office/library is the perfect place to blend old and new. White walls and hardwood floors would pair well with antique furniture and, of course, all of the books.

Other Details

For good measure, I would throw in a few global-inspired, gypset details like tassels and Moroccan trays or candle holders. For the garage, there must be stable details.


The backyard would feature architectural elements in keeping with the white, modern Tudor feel of the exterior. I would love a clean, white fireplace surrounded by green plants. The pool would be modern and sleek, shaded by fruit and flower trees as well as pavers in the grass.


What would your dream house look like?