Choosing a Fake Prom Look

Okay, I never went to prom and probably never would even if I could go back in time but I saw this post on Fashionista where the editors chose what they would wear to prom now. I thought it was kind of fun and figured I would be a copycat, so here you go. Here's what I would wear to prom if my nightmare comes true and I had to redo high school.

One outfit option would be this minimalist Jason Wu gown paired with my favorite knotted sandals (heeled variety) from Chloe and a weirdo furry clutch bag from Shrimps. To me, this shows sophistication and taste but also throws in the important element of youth.

My fairytale look would be this appliqued Valentino gown, the flat knotted sandals from Chloe, and a book clutch from Olympia Le-Tan. I think it would be fun to wear flats to prom, plus I'd feel like a colorful Galadriel in this dress which is pretty great.