What to Wear...Relaxing Weekend

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

As mentioned in previous posts, I love clothes but I wish I could live and die in my pajamas. The goal for a relaxing weekend look is to be supremely comfortable but put-together enough that you wouldn't be embarrassed should a friend stop by or a UPS guy shows up at your door. With just a little bit of thought, your loungewear can actually be just another great outfit.

Graphic Tee & Cute PJ Shorts

I just bought this Olympia Le-Tan t-shirt from Uniqlo (a portion of the proceeds from which go to UNHCR) and can't wait to pair it with my pink striped pajama pants for a perfect PJ look. Throw in a cozy blanket and sheet mask to make things perfect.

Long Cardigan, Tank Top, Joggers, Fluffy Slippers

In my eyes, this is the perfect relaxing weekend look simply for the layering possibilities. I like to wear a tank top with low cut sides with a cute sports bra or lace bralette. Pair that with Calvin Klein joggers, a soft cardigan and fluffy slippers and you'll never want to change clothes again.

Sweater, Black Tights, Cozy Socks

My most common weekend look is a pair of black tights, a comfy sweater and a pair of J.Crew camp socks or my favorite striped Secret socks from Lululemon. They're so thin, I often forget that I'm wearing them. Top this look off with your favorite nail polish.