10 Ways to Make Your Life More Glamorous

"Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things; It's about living in a way where you appreciate things".           - Oscar de la Renta

Living a glamorous lifestyle, to me,  isn't all about material wealth and excess. Truly, it is more about cultivating a lifestyle full of experiences that make you feel glamorous. Those experiences shouldn't be put off either. Everyday should be full of excitement and little luxuries that make all of the ugly parts of life more worthwhile. The message of my blog is that, no matter your age or status or income bracket, it is possible to create a luxurious life if you spend wisely, prioritize, and put some good thought into it. Here are ten ideas to think about.

1. Create a beautiful "getting ready" space at home.
Getting ready for the day or night can set the tone for your entire experience. Create a sanctuary that makes you feel good while you do your hair and makeup by regularly cleaning your vanity/sink, lighting a candle or two, arranging flowers in small vases, and turning on a good playlist (I like this and this for getting ready).

2. Invest in good quality bath essentials.
A luxurious bath is one of the basic tenants of any good lifestyle, so invest in a few products to enhance the experience. I recommend a good bubble bath or oil, a cozy robe, and a beautifully scented body polish. Also necessary are plenty of candles and a glass of rosé or infused water depending on your mood.

3. Build a collection of beautiful loungewear.
I constantly express the benefits of pretty pajamas and will do so again now. There is nothing better than putting on clean, pretty loungewear after a good bath. It will instantly make you feel ten times more luxurious than an old t-shirt, I promise. 

4. Keep your home clean and organized.
Yes, this seems obvious if not flat out boring but it's important. Having a clean and fresh, orderly home is a necessity for feeling luxurious. Wipe down your counters with cleaning products from The Laundress or Caldrea. I'm currently loving Mrs. Meyer's lavender surface cleaner. Put away your dishes, sweep the floors, and keep your closet organized to feel like Cher Horowitz.

5. Splurge on a few high-quality pantry items.
Stocking your pantry with a selection of luxury products is a quick way to make any meal more appealing. My two favorite items are freshly ground peanut butter and a jar of manuka honey, which you can now buy at Trader Joe's for $11 per jar. Other essentials include a truffle oil (for everything from popcorn to pasta), grade A maple syrup, a fresh baked loaf of bread, and a few bottles of green juice.

6. Buy little luxuries from your favorite high-end brands.
A closet full of Chanel and sweaters from The Row may not be possible, but you can inject a bit of those vibes into your life by collecting a few smaller luxuries. Buy a few bottles of Chanel nail polish, a pair of Chloe sunglasses, or Burberry rain boots.

7. Be a wildcard.
I've always thought that being a bit eccentric and fearless is incredibly glamorous. When I think of the most glamorous, interesting people, they are always the ones who live freely and don't sacrifice having fun for the sake of putting on appearances. Once people stop being afraid of what others think, they behave more genuinely and seem to become this sort of magnetic, whisp of excitement. Feeling confident and free is the ultimate luxury. 

8. Be a smart traveler. 
Travel is the crucial to a well-rounded existence. Yes, it can be expensive and yes, you can cut costs by backpacking or staying in hostels but if you travel smart, there is a good middle ground that balances the two. Try using a hotel deal site (my favorite is Tablet Hotels) for discounted luxury accommodation. Or use Airbnb to rent a cute apartment in Paris or split the cost of a castle in England with a group of friends.

Travel to places where your country's currency is strong. For instance, the U.S. dollar is strong in Argentina (1 USD equals 14 Argentine pesos) or in countries that use the rupee. Choosing to travel to one of these countries can allow you stay in palatial hotels, eat amazing food, have spa treatments, and receive incredible service for very low prices.

I could go much further into detail about this subject, so I will be sure to put together a more comprehensive post in the future.

9. Update your everyday basic items.
I am a huge proponent of making your little, everyday actions more luxurious. We all brush our teeth, so why not buy a nice toothbrush and beautifully packaged toothpaste? Stock your bathroom with luxury hand soap from Aesop and invest in high-quality pillowcases for your bedroom. As a fun bonus, this is what life would look like in my dream world.

10. Go out for drinks and dessert.
A full dinner at a nice restaurant can get expensive really fast and isn't always the most practical option for your schedule. Instead, go out every so often to your favorite restaurants just for drinks and dessert. A lot of times, we get too hungry during the meal to ever sample what could be a wonderful dessert menu and this is a way to circumvent that problem!

What are your favorite ways to make everyday feel more luxurious?