What to Wear...Grocery Shopping

Image via  Not Your Standard

Discussing at length which outfits to wear to the grocery store is a thing of first-world utopias, some might say. Really though, there are several factors to keep in mind. First off, the temperature. Oftentimes, I immediately regret wearing my gym clothes as soon as I step into the sub-zero terrain of any supermarket. Then there's motion-based practicality. You're stretching, you're squatting, you're maneuvering the cart around a multitude of obstacles. You've got to wear something with a little give. Plus, as our grandmas once said, you never know who you'll meet which means it's good to look cute.

Here are three ideas to get you thinking:

Graphic Boho Blouse, White Jeans, Simple Sandals

Extra Long Cardigan, Body Con Midi Dress, White Sneakers

Oversized Tee, Black Leggings, Feminine Slip-On Sneakers