6 Anton Yelchin Films to Watch Right Now

This is a weird post to write because the whole situation surrounding Anton Yelchin's death makes me feel weird. I didn't know him personally, but I've followed his career since well before his role in the Star Trek movies. For me, he was one of those actors who I felt somehow connected to, as if I actually did know him off-screen. There is a paparazzi photo of him holding an umbrella above a family of ducklings which always made me think that we would get along. He just seemed like someone I would know and reminded me a lot of my crowd, so to speak.

Since I read the news about his passing yesterday morning, I've just felt some weird shock in my stomach. Yeah, posts like this one are a fairly selfish method of public mourning but is there really anything wrong with that? Typically, the death of a public figure is sad to me but something that doesn't necessarily make me feel anything. I can't really explain it, but I actually feel something with this one. Perhaps you've felt something similar before?

The media has been referring to him exclusively with regards to Star Trek and it sort of rubs me the wrong way, considering his filmography is rich with starring roles in interesting movies. So, let's have a movie marathon in Anton's honor with these six films:

Fierce People
A boy (Yelchin), whose absent father is an anthropologist, and his massage therapist mother move in with a wealthy client which prompts the boy to take an anthropological view of family dynamics with regards to wealth.

Charlie Bartlett
If you haven't already seen Charlie Bartlett, I'd be surprised. It's about a kid who becomes a black market psychotherapist in the bathroom of his high school.

Only Lovers Left Alive
A weird Jim Jarmusch movie about two aloof vampire lovers in modern society.

From Up on Poppy Hill
Anton voiced the male protagonist in the English version of this Studio Ghibli movie about a girl living in a boarding house on the Japanese coast.

Like Crazy
A story about a long distance relationship that will make you weep forever.

House of D
An underrated movie in which Yelchin's character grows up in New York City in the 1970s.

What are your favorite Anton Yelchin roles?